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Industry Insider: Imaging Expo: August 2009 Archives

Imaging Expo: August 2009 Archives

You could win a free booth at Imaging USA 2011!

You're going to be at the Imaging EXPO...why not share the love with your best customers? Do so with the Free EXPO passes, and you'll be on your way to winning a great prize!

What's in it for you?

  • Bring more qualified traffic to your booth.
  • Gain more customer love--who doesn't like getting freebies?
  • Win prizes for bringing in the most customers with those Free EXPO passes.

How it works
It's easier than ever to invite others to the Imaging EXPO (and get closer to those prizes), thanks to the unique link we've created for you:

  • Go to to get your custom link.
  • Share your personal link with everyone you would like to see at the show--e-mail it, tweet it, blog it, post it on your website, and even print it if you like.
  • We track click-throughs from all the links and find the three companies that bring in the most Free EXPO traffic--it's that simple.

What can you win?

  • First Place:  One free 10' x 10' booth at Imaging USA 2011
  • Second Place:  $1,000 credit toward any Imaging USA 2011 sponsorship package
  • Third Place:  A Bronze Corporate Membership

Ideas to consider
To help you get started, we have created graphics, sample promotional copy, even a customizable html e-mail template--just visit to download. And here are some additional ways to distribute your Free EXPO passes:

  1. Do you have a company fan page on Facebook? Create an event at your booth and post the Free EXPO pass link in the invitation. Remember to send the invite to all your fans.
  2. Are you on Twitter? Tweet about your upcoming visit to Imaging USA, and invite your followers to meet you on the EXPO floor. Use the #ImagingUSA hashtag and your tweets will also appear on the homepage of
  3. Blog it. Talk about your upcoming trip to Imaging USA, new products you will have on display, and any show specials you are running. Mention your booth number, and be sure to include the Free EXPO pass link.
  4. Are you on LinkedIn? Update the "What are you working on" section of your profile with news about your Imaging USA exhibit.
  5. Add one of the EXPO pass graphics to your website.
  6. Add your unique link to your personal e-mail signature. You could say, "See me at booth #XXX at Imaging USA. Get your free EXPO pass here: LINK."
  7. Include the link in your e-mail newsletters.
  8. Design a simple EXPO invitation that you can include in your outgoing orders and invoices.

What are you waiting for? Start inviting your customers today!

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