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Eco-Friendly Exhibiting - Charles Pappas - Industry Insider

Eco-Friendly Exhibiting - Charles Pappas

As an exhibitor at Imaging USA or any tradeshow, you know much more is on display--indeed, laid bare for media scrutiny--than your products, notes Charles Pappas in "Eco-Friendly Exhibiting." He's talking about your company's image, of course, and the greener the better, he says, citing Joseph Pestka, national sales manager of Dallas-based Freeman Cos., "Companies have to show they're sincere about the environment, literally right down to the molecules of their exhibit." In this concise, well researched and interesting article, Pappas illustrates the point with real-world examples of green ingenuity at work on the expo floor. And walls and furnishings, and lighting, even shipping. And it turns out that many solutions for lessening your company's carbon footprint also lower the ceiling of your exhibition overhead. Read more here:

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