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One to Grow On: PPA Tour 2011 - Industry Insider

One to Grow On: PPA Tour 2011

Photographers need strong roots in both art and business fundamentals to flourish, and we're providing a day-long event in eight cities during the fall to help them do just that. At the PPA Tour 2011, photographers will learn about cultivating new marketing, posing and lighting, workflow, post-production editing and sales skills. The PPA Tour begins August 15 in Atlanta, with stops planned in Houston, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Orlando, Kansas City, San Francisco and Raleigh. Registration opens May 1 at

PPA business partners who have already joined the PPA Tour include Adobe, Allied Photo, Barbour Backdrops, Bay Photo,, Kodak, Midwest Photo, Miller's Professional Imaging, onOne Software, ProDPI, White House Custom Colour and Zenfolio. Business partners will be promoted through a variety of media and will also have the opportunity to get one-on-one with attendees at events. A handful of sponsorship opportunities are still available. If you'd like more information, contact Bill Kelly.

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