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Direct Mail List Rental

As a Corporate Member, you have the ability to market your business directly to PPA members--just rent the PPA mailing list! With 22,000 member mailing addresses that can be segmented by city, state, or even the type of photographer, you will have a handy pool of qualified prospects. Interested in sending your marketing message to this list? The Corporate Member discounts make it even more appealing:

Platinum Corporate Member

  • Unlimited use of the list
  • List rental at 30% discount with 7,000 free names

Gold Corporate Member

  • Limited use of 20,000 names per year
  • List rental at 20% discount with 5,000 free names

Silver Corporate Member

  • Limited use of 15,000 names per year
  • List rental at 10% discount

Bronze Corporate Member

  • Limited use of 10,000 names per year

If you're ready to rent the list, please contact Cheryl Pearson at or 404.522.8600, ext. 230 for our list broker's contact information.

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