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Industry Insider: Corporate Member Alert: July 2010 Archives

Corporate Member Alert: July 2010 Archives

As an exclusive benefit for Corporate Members you are able to participate in PPA's Super Monday Photo Workshops. Promote yourself and your products at studio classes across the country--the only cost to you is offering a product discount or giveaway to the attendees!

Each participating PPA Corporate Member will provide a special offer that we will include in the bonus package given to each photographer attending the programs. In addition to your exposure to all the attendees at Super Monday, your logo and offer will also be included on the Super Monday web page and in our extensive e-mail marketing campaigns.

The price of entry to this special program-simply a special offer to the attendees! No additional cost is involved.

If you would like to participate please submit:

  1. 25 word description of the discount or offer
  2. Promo code so the offer can redeemed at your company's web site
  3. Estimated value of your offer or giveaway
  4. Logo in high-res EPS or JPEG format along with the web address you would like the logo to link to.

Please email this information to by August 31st.

Don't miss out on this once-a-year opportunity to put your product in front of this eager group of photographers!

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