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Beacons in the Stormy Sea of the Blogosphere - Industry Insider

Beacons in the Stormy Sea of the Blogosphere

"5 Outstanding Corporate Blogs" While you're carefully avoiding the pitfalls, don't forget why you set out in the first place. Train your eye on the prize and your mind on reaching the next mile marker. Envision greatness. Yeah, right, Peter Cottontail, what does great look like, anyway? Take a look through the eyes of the Internet-savvy Chris Baggot, CEO of Compendium Software, as he examines the beautiful, real-world business blog strategies of five companies, whose focus and goals couldn't be more diverse: GK from Elite Sportswear; Carhartt, makers of durable workwear; Alerding Castor, a niche-issue law firm; Roto-Rooter; and HH Gregg, retailer of home appliances and electronics. Read the full article here.

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