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Industry Insider: Professional Photographers of America (PPA): September 2010 Archives

Professional Photographers of America (PPA): September 2010 Archives

Let's say you've already made the right choice to see your best customers face to face at Imaging USA. Great! So what else can you do to make sure the time, effort and money you are investing gets you the best return? How do you gain photographers' attention and recognition among the sea of other exhibitors? For one thing, you might consider a sponsorship of the event itself--the benefits can go well beyond simply seeing your name in print. Handled correctly, it can actually affect an attendee's attitude towards your company. (And don't underestimate the power of great booth design!) To help plan a truly effective trade show, take a look at this month's articles.

Scott Hersh
Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances
Three to five seconds...that's less time than it takes to scan one of these article intros! But that's about all the time you have to capture a trade show attendee's attention. So how do you do it? Smart interactivity, the kind that delivers the right attention. Grab some tips for creating such attention-grabbers via this article. Get the full story.
Wouldn't you like to do more with less? That's one of the keys to profitability! Well, according to Susan Friedman in this article, sponsorships are a way you can achieve several goals at once, from heightening your visibility to creating an even more positive image. When handled correctly and tied into your marketing objective, a sponsorship might be just the thing to try in the coming year. Read on for more ideas. Get the full story >
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