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Industry Insider: Professional Photographers of America (PPA): February 2010 Archives

Professional Photographers of America (PPA): February 2010 Archives

We want to invite Corporate Members to partner with us as PPA launches this year's Super Monday Program. Nearly 100 photography studios across the country will open their studios and share their knowledge with hundreds of local photographers.

As an exclusive benefit you are able to participate in this event and promote you and your products at these studio classes across the country--the only cost to you is offering a coupon or giveaway!

Each participating PPA Corporate Member will provide a coupon, a special offer or small item that we will include in the bonus package given to each photographer attending the programs. In addition to your exposure to all the attendees at Super Monday, your logo will also be included in our e-mail marketing campaigns.

If you would like to participate please e-mail Include:

  • a description of your coupon or special offer
  • your logo (high-res EPS or JPEG format)
  • your web address (URL)--we'll link your logo to your site
Then send us 500 copies of your coupon/giveaway by no later then March 15th.

As the industry's largest non-profit trade association, our goal has always been to educate and protect photographers and their businesses. At Imaging USA in Nashville this past January, we continued our mission in grand style, tipping the scale at 10,440 attendees, making it one of the most exciting and high-energy events in our industry in years. But that's only the beginning--PPA and its sister associations have lots in store to benefit the industry this year:

  • The PPA Tour to 10 cities--bringing PPA programming to photographers who never make it to Imaging USA or any other large show.
  • PPA's "See the Difference" campaign--reaching out to consumers to make sure that their once-in-a-lifetime moments are captured by a professional photographer...the way they should be. (This program will arm members with marketing and grass roots promotion.)
  • Stock Artists Alliance joined our Alliance of Visual Artists network as the 6th industry association late last year--boosting our combined membership and affiliates to well over 40,000, the biggest in the world.

It's easy to tap into the buzz and excitement generated by these and other opportunities aimed at your best prospects. Just make sure that Professional Photographer magazine (the largest paid-circulation magazine in the industry), our many websites and forums (now providing over 2.7 million ad impressions each month), and our other vehicles are on your must-have advertising list this year.

And here's another way to help your business along: enjoy these articles! As always, thanks for your continued support of the industry through PPA and our sister associations.

Have a great year,

Scott Hersh
Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances

Maybe you give good e-mail, but "No program ever grew significantly by doing the same thing over and over again," says Chris Marriott, vice president and global marketing director of Acxion Digital.
How many vendors did your potential customers chat with at your last tradeshow? Plenty. The key to maximizing the face time you invested in is to follow up immediately afterward with personalized messages that reiterate what each prospect told you about himself or his business.
Definitely, when it's targeted, personalized, and relevant. These days, it's a pleasure to receive a tangible communiqué. If the outside of the mailing is at all attractive or interest-piquing, the urge to see what's inside is irresistible.
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