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August Industry Insider

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This month, most of the articles are designed to help you launch or re-launch a product or service. There are many details to consider in your plan to tell the world you have something new they just can't live without! 

In today's economy, it's more important than ever to continually alter, change, and improve to survive. There was a time when you could bring something into the market and continue to offer it year after year unchanged, and still have customers beat your door down. Now we have all been conditioned to believe that products and services are out of date shortly after they are introduced. Even if your product is still just as needed today as it was last year or the year before, our "this year's newest - latest - greatest" syndrome will not let your customers feel they are getting the best if you haven't tweaked and moved it along its evolutionary path. It is a sad but true fact that our fast-paced lives have produced this incredibly short selling window between product generations. If you have been part of this industry for a long time, you still remember the solid and steady sales of the good old days...but don't get trapped! 
There is a relevant story about how spider monkeys are trapped in the wild. Trappers take a glass bottle with a small neck at the top and place some appealing food for the monkeys in the bottom. When the monkey sees the food, he reaches his empty hand into the bottle and grabs the food, making a fist to clench it. The clenched fist is now bigger than the bottle's neck and the monkey's hand is trapped. All the monkey has to do is release the food, but in most cases he doesn't. His hand gets caught, and he loses it all. 

The lesson? If you hang on to what's comfortable and familiar, you can lose your edge and what's important about your business. Find something new about your product, amp up your service, or find an alternate use for what you've got. Generate some talking points, see what's out there, and you may even realize that it's time to alter what you are offering yet again!

Enjoy this month's articles,

Scott Hersh
Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances

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