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The PPA Benefit That Encourages Growth

As you well know, the photography industry is not static. New techniques and technologies always appear. That is one reason why photographers should seek constant education to remain at the top of their game. And one of PPA's member benefits helps photographers do just that: the Merit & Degree program.

When you hear "degree," you might think of what you receive after completing a university curriculum. But a PPA professional degree is different--it's a way photographers can track and promote their ongoing progress in the industry. Since 1937, PPA has used the Merit & Degree program to encourage members to grow and to recognize achievement that meet our high standards in art and service.

And that focus on growth is really the heart of the matter. The steps taken to earn PPA merits and degrees--from excelling in competition to continual education and service--only help strengthen photographers' skills. Plus, clients often see degrees as symbols of quality. So earning a PPA degree can give photographers one more reason for telling potential clients why they should call them, rather than the competitor down the street. All of this can lead to more successful photographers, which can also spell out good things for vendors in the industry!

Support from business partners like you is part of how PPA is able to make the industry stronger through benefits like the Merit & Degree program. We constantly encourage members to never be done learning, an attitude that can help them successful image-makers for years to come. And that only helps your business, too.

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