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Reader Survey Confidential: We Dish. You Fish. - Industry Insider

Reader Survey Confidential: We Dish. You Fish.

Every year, we share many of the statistics we gather from the Professional Photographer Magazine Reader Survey with business partners in our media kit. But until now, we've never told all--all the advertising and product input we gather, that is. So this year, we're dishing more data than ever, starting with some advertising info that's sure to help you reel in more business than ever from your advertising investments.

Let's start by sharing that 7 in 10 of our readers say they regularly look at advertisements. Believe it or not, 4 in 10 of them report that they "always" take a peek at what you're promoting. New math or not, that's tens of thousands of prospects every month who are paying a lot of attention to Professional Photographer advertisers. But when the rubber meets the road, what do they do?

Taking Action
After reading an ad, the majority of our readers report that they visit your website. Get this, though--almost 20% say they purchase your product. That translates to roughly 10,000 potential buyers--not just prospects--every month. We also asked readers to tell us what actions they take after reading a product review and a whopping 8 in 10 are enticed into more research.

So what can you do? Make sure there's a clear call to action on your website and that it's easy for prospects to find information about products you're advertising. You might even want to think about creating specific landing pages or pointing users directly to product pages within your site.

All for One and One for All
All of this adds up to a pretty persuasive argument for being in the magazine, but what about other properties in the Professional Photographer media network? Well, almost 9 in 10 of our magazine readers also visit, which means it does make sense to be in two places at one time.

Where else do our magazine readers get trusted information to make product buying decisions? Many say they look to PPA events like Imaging USA, the PPA Tour, online courses and other events. Not surprisingly, 60% say colleagues or word of mouth. And that leads us to our next story and what we hope will become a regular feature in Industry Insider--how PPA members and our business partners work together to drive new business and merry marketing opportunities for all.

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