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Imaging USA 2011: A Texas-Sized Marketing Opportunity - Industry Insider

Imaging USA 2011: A Texas-Sized Marketing Opportunity

What if someone offered you the chance to go face to face with thousands of your best prospects over the course of three days at an event that was rated "good or excellent" by 98% of last year's participating corporate partners?

Yes, we're talking about Imaging USA 2011 in San Antonio, and you've still got time to get involved. Even though this is the biggest show in our history, there is still booth space available, along with event sponsorships to help leverage your brand and create maximum exposure.

Why do we think Imaging USA is such a good investment for our corporate partners? Part of it has to do with the clientele we draw. The majority of our attendees are studio owners, and three in four made purchases while at the show last year. As a matter of fact, the attendees who participated in the post-show survey alone report spending over $1 million!

Imaging USA also has one of the industry's best reputations as a show of value for photographers. Almost 9 in 10 of our attendees rate the programming at Imaging USA as "good or excellent." Perhaps best of all, almost all attendees say they'd recommend Imaging USA to a friend. Plus, our magazine readers tell us how much they like seeing the products they read about on the show floor at Imaging USA.

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