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Industry Insider: Article: June 2010 Archives

Article: June 2010 Archives

People want to win something, and your customers are no different. But if you're going to use a contest to build Twitter followers, find user-generated content, increase brand awareness or so on, do it right! There's a lot more you need to consider before you gleefully announce, "Enter my contest!" What about an official contest hashtag? What's your plan to create buzz? What are you going to do AFTER the contest? Read on and plan on. Get the full story.

Running a business is a contest in many ways. You compete for consumers' attention, want to win the prize of a new customer...and you have to play to win. Well, why not let your website (and your business) win by using a consumer contest? You can use such contests in several different ways to drive traffic, so long as you follow a few important guidelines. Get the full story
We've known it for awhile...our customers are becoming more mobile. Can your product messages can keep up? That's where this quick list of ideas comes in handy, from how to use eBooks as resources, online video marketing and smart phone mobile marketing among others. Grease up your marketing joints and mobilize! Get the full story.
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