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Industry Insider: Article: May 2010 Archives

Article: May 2010 Archives

The simple truth is a powerful thing. And if you can harness it for your marketing message, you'll be amazed at the results. "There is no grey area in today's marketplace; there is only black and white," explains Jeff Cannon of Think Cannon, LLC in his article. "Either your message is simple and true, or it is confusing and false." Crafting a message like this is easier said than done, but it is doable--and Jeff will show you how. Get the full story.
"Hi, Billy Mays here..." Almost anyone who has watched infomercials knows his name and his pitches. But whether you loved or hated him, you have to admit that he brought home results. His secret? Well, a great product makes for easy selling. Does your product fall into that category? Take a look at five traits your product must have, and see if your current marketing plays to those points. Get the full story.
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