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Industry Insider: Article: April 2010 Archives

Article: April 2010 Archives

Social media may be booming, but e-mail isn't dead. It just needs a protein shake and a regular exercise routine to make it "sexy' again. And social media is e-mail's perfect personal trainer! Ajay Goel explains how you can transfer the immediacy and intimacy that people love about social media into your e-mail communications. Real communication with real people. Imagine that. Get the full story.
Still skeptical about Twitter's business practicality? So was Michael Stelzner...until he did a little research into how bestselling authors and business professionals use the platform to grow their businesses. As he says, "When very high profile people begin evangelizing Twitter, it's worth closer examination." So pick up your magnifying glass and learn why, how, and what to use to make Twitter practical for you. Get the full story.
With this self-proclaimed "cheat sheet for the time-strapped entrepreneur," you're sure to ace the social media test. Social media presents you with so many choices, but this article narrows it down to 30 ways you can make it work for you, complete with specific, real-world examples. Go ahead --sneak a peek at what other businesses are doing with great success. "Cheating" has never looked so good. Get the full story.
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