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Industry Insider: Article: March 2010 Archives

Article: March 2010 Archives

YouTube has become a household name and video, once reserved for the most high-end marketing campaigns, is becoming everyday ammunition in the never-ending battle for customers' heart and minds. Of course, the same technology advances that have made video production budget-friendly makes it easy for everyone to be a star and that can muddle your message. Bud Rosenthal offers readers 10 ways to utilize video to elicit the exactly the actions you want and will have you picturing all kinds of new ways to communicate effectively with your customers.

One of the biggest challenges of online marketing is converting prowlers into prospects. Your website needs to not only be compelling enough to keep bringing people back, but it also needs to encourage them to raise their hands and identify themselves. In order to entice visitors to start a relationship with you, why not consider some of the techniques in this article, such as interactive blogs, polls and surveys.

Conventional wisdom--and more than a little research--say that prospects usually visit your website multiple times before buying from you, so one of your goals should be website "stickiness"--both, in terms of length of visits and number of repeat visits. This article addresses this key marketing strategy of attracting repeat traffic and offers six tried and true tips for helping your website cement long-lasting relationships with customers.

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