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April Industry Insider - Industry Insider

April Industry Insider

Ignore your customers at your own risk. Not only are they your target for product development, brand marketing, and sales, they should also be your focus in any communication channel. Whether it's an iPhone app or social media hotspot, new conduits are opening every day. But as these interaction options multiply like bunnies in springtime, make sure it's your customers who drive your decisions on what to pursue--and how to engage. The articles collected here will help you redefine your customer focus in every decision. Ready to put your customer in the permanent driver's seat?

On a side note, PPA is excited about the international honor our website ( received. We redesigned the entire site--putting the focus on our photographic members (our customers)--and became an Official Honoree for the 13th Annual WEBBY Awards in the process. This is yet another good reason to use our many online products to reach your best customers and prospects. Consider, for example, the new digital version of Professional Photographer magazine, a free, value-added addition for advertisers.

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