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Industry Insider: April 2010 - Industry Insider

Industry Insider: April 2010

Just as we got familiar with website/online marketing, along came social networking--adding another great tool to the online marketing tool box. It seems these tools morph almost every day, creating what may feel like a non-ending learning curve! However, social networking is turning out to be the most exciting group of online tools yet. Our Twitter, Facebook and forum activities have all factored into our latest growth and the success of Imaging USA. Nurtured by our expert staff, fans keep coming back for more--more content, more bling and more community. Our websites measure impressions in the millions, and our social media entities and newsletters bring in solid, six-figure visitor numbers each month. If done right, the time and effort you put into building your social media power will pay you back over and over. So get help with the learning curve and grab more ideas from this month's articles on ways to use social media in your own business.

Enjoy the articles,

Scott Hersh
Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances

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