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Industry Insider: July 2010 Archives

July 2010 Archives

Film vs. digital, print vs. online advertising. Neither choice is inherently right or wrong. You simply must choose what works best for you in specific situations, using each medium's strengths to your advantage. New technology adds edge to online ads and can make them into so much more than informative sales bits. And with all of print advertising's physical and visual properties, the sky's the limit with what you can do to really stand out. Each choice is a winner in the right situation. Thinking about taking your advertising to the next level? PPA and Professional Photographer magazine can help you put some of the ideas in this month's articles into play, making the best of both worlds: print and online.

Are you making the most of the technical and creative advantages available in online banner advertising? Message, design and placement are just a few of the factors you can tweak to increase your click-through rates and improve your ROI. Get the full story here.
Print satisfies communication needs that digital cannot. Readers experience print differently than they do digital communication and that creates opportunities for you. While digital is perceived as the cheaper medium, you should remember that print should still have a place in your communication mix where it can have optimal impact in driving sales and building your brand. Get the full story here.

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  4. Logo in high-res EPS or JPEG format along with the web address you would like the logo to link to.

Please email this information to by August 31st.

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