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Industry Insider: October 2009 Archives

October 2009 Archives

Welcome to your business "Honey-Do" list, a real and essential part of keeping your business in the minds of photographers. By now, you've probably dabbled in Facebook and Twitter, but have you dug into what really works for marketing, PR, and your company's image in these areas? That's where your list comes in. The following three articles give you a series of pointers and steps for starting, growing, and maintaining your social media presence with Facebook and Twitter. Scan through these easy-to-read, easy-to-use ideas...and get doing!

Scott Hersh
Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances
"50 Ideas for using Twitter for Business"
For one thing--and it's a good thing--Twitter works best when it's not all about you. So how about asking a question when nothing's new with you, or to show you're listening? Hit the link to find lots to talk about, plus tools, techniques, and strategies for maximizing Twitter. Get the full story >
"How to use Twitter for Marketing & PR"
You can wield the power of Twitter from anywhere in the world. Limited to 140 characters or less per communiqué, your updates needn't tax your brain or your schedule. Twitter lets you monitor your company and public opinion about your brand; build a following and brand awareness; keep in touch with the media; announce events and special promos to a large audience; promote and update info about your company's conferences, webinars and newsy goings-on; cultivate valuable relationships, and much, much more. Get the full story >
"10 Practical Tips for Facebook Fan Pages"
As founder and CEO of Sprout, a tech company offering "social media solutions," Carnet Williams has a vested interest in the promulgation of Facebook, et al. And every reason to share his expertise on making Facebook work for your business. (Sprout's client list includes such brands as Sony Pictures, REI and Toyota.) You've got to appreciate the fine, real-world examples she includes, and the way she effortlessly demystifies the fine points: "Think of your fan page as a cocktail party..." Get the full story>
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