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Industry Insider: September 2009 Archives

September 2009 Archives

From the time we are small, we are taught to think of others first. That way of thinking and acting--from sharing toys to volunteering at a charity--can (and should) transfer into your business and marketing practices. You want prospects to feel that you are working for them, that you created this product just for them. There are ways to get this message across honestly, but you have to be careful with your placement, wording, and even your ability to back up claims. We've gathered articles to help you think of others first, sending that right message in the right places.

Scott Hersh
Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances

"Online Marketing's Creative Worst Practices"
The Internet marketing paradigm is unlike that of any medium that preceded it. Its potential is too huge to gauge, and the opportunity to harness it too important to blow. Ken Liebeskind and the experts he quotes tell you how to make the most of your company's advertising via e-mail, social media, video, in-game, mobile, banners, widgets and virtual worlds.

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"10 Traits of Successful Messaging"
The World Wide Web is a noisy place, says marketing pro Bill Jacobs. "Consequently, marketing messages today must be razor sharp to cut through the noise and be compelling enough to immediately hook prospective customers." How? Start with Jacob's examples of messages that work, then starting at the top tier of management, build what he calls a "messaging architecture," with a foundation based on enterprise statements that communicate your company's overall value.

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"Charity Marketing: Growing Your Business Through Charitable Giving"
It's no secret that charitable giving is an excellent way to develop a powerful network and to win over customers. But you've probably not explored the topic as meticulously as executive marketing consultant David Frey does here, beginning with ways your chosen charity is ready and willing to support your business's development. Suspend your cynicism--we're not talking about milking human kindness, we're talking about helping it flow. Read all Frey's creative yet practical suggested marketing and publicity strategies.

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