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Industry Insider: July 2009 Archives

July 2009 Archives

When you hear the phrase "survival tips," e-mail campaigns and blogs probably aren't the first thoughts to spring to your mind. Instead, you might remember a Boy or Girl Scout camping trip, your dad teaching you to change a tire, and so on. But in business, marketing and its many forms are just as important to survival as knowing which berries you can eat in the forest. As we've mentioned before, smart marketing is key in the current environment, and there are many low-cost ways of communicating to your customers. But for that communication to pay off, it needs the right approach, the right words, the right look. Learn specific methods for smart marketing by browsing the articles we gathered, including what to do with your corporate blog, what NOT to do with your e-mails...and how they impact your customer relationships and (ultimately) your sales.

Scott Hersh
Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances

"5 Outstanding Corporate Blogs" While you're carefully avoiding the pitfalls, don't forget why you set out in the first place. Train your eye on the prize and your mind on reaching the next mile marker. Envision greatness. Yeah, right, Peter Cottontail, what does great look like, anyway? Take a look through the eyes of the Internet-savvy Chris Baggot, CEO of Compendium Software, as he examines the beautiful, real-world business blog strategies of five companies, whose focus and goals couldn't be more diverse: GK from Elite Sportswear; Carhartt, makers of durable workwear; Alerding Castor, a niche-issue law firm; Roto-Rooter; and HH Gregg, retailer of home appliances and electronics. Read the full article here.
"E-mail Campaigns That Failed" This illustrated exposé of major malfunctions in e-marketing dares to name names and out the offenders. The author, Dylan Boyd, VP of sales and strategy at eROI, presents this information not with malicious intent, but for the edification of the reader. He draws a map of sorts, so you can dodge the pitfalls into which these 11 companies--and big ones, too, like FedEx and HBO--have plummeted. He's not talking about pratfalls here, he's talking about avoiding mistakes that can send your entire brand into the abyss. Read the full article here.
"Retail Survival Tips in a New Economy and Consumer Environment" This concise little gem delivers what it promises: "Some smart, manageable tips on how to survive through the second half of the 2009 buying season and keep your business on track." For example: pedal to the metal and share the love. Read the full story here.
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