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Industry Insider: June 2009 Archives

June 2009 Archives

It's a wide, wide world out there--and the growing use of all things online only stretches the scope further. But I bet it's safe to say that your staff isn't growing nearly so fast, especially now. What does that spell for your customer reach and marketing efforts? You need be efficient, look forward, and think beyond the click. Each interaction you have with your customers (and potential customers) builds on your story--and you cannot forget that. Whether it's your website, your Facebook fan page, content you've provided, magazine advertising, or a retail store...everything connects to form the impression consumers have about you. We've gathered some resources to help you focus, from understanding the consumer life-cycle and creating brand stories to avoiding customer loss. Read on and keep your outlook two steps ahead.

Scott Hersh
Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances
Now for a pop quiz on the material above: Supply a short essay on each of these 10 items--navigation, busyness, sizing, point of contact, hidden pricing, customer service, follow-up, spam, professional conduct, payment options/security. The answers are a click away. Get the full story here.
"Think of a website or online ad campaign as a book," says David Rossiter, creative director of Enlighten. "If you were writing that book, you wouldn't jump directly to the ending (or in marketing terms, your ultimate objective). You would progress through the chapters one by one and dutifully craft a procedure for how to take the reader there." Follow the example we dun "The Egg and I." Get the full story here.
What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening? The ancient Sphinx, famously queried of those who dared enter Thebes. That, of course, is a pithy summary of the lifecycle of a man. You might recall that Oedipus solved the riddle, and the Sphinx was then deployed to guard the modern marketplace. The new answer is "consumer," so what's the question? (Hint: Awareness, consideration, evaluation, purchase, retention.) Get the full story here.

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