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Industry Insider: March 2009 Archives

March 2009 Archives

Millions of eyes will be seeing mall ads that promote the benefits of hiring professional photographers, thanks to the latest grassroots effort--the National Advertising Program for Photographers. Created by PPA, Marathon Press, and EYE (a leading provider of mall display advertising), this program also makes mall advertising easy and affordable for individual photographers. Publicized late last week, the number of interested photographers is simply impressive. It's programs like this that demonstrate how PPA, as a non-profit, leverages your support to bolster the industry and your best customers. Now that's marketing smarter. In this spirit of "smart marketing," we've gathered articles to help make the marketing you do even more effective (with more bang for the buck).

MAKING YOUR E-CAMPAIGN WORK: A cure for chronic hypertension over hypertext
If your e-mail marketing campaign isn't working, the fix could be simpler than you imagine. If you know who your target market is and what your company can do for them, read Ryan Buchanan's "11 E-Mail Design Best Practices"...before you hire some "expert" who speaks only hypertext. Buchanan is CEO of eROI, a leading e-mail marketing agency. His concise illustrated gem is like a template for wording and arranging every aspect of your e-message, from the subject line to the footer. Get the full story >>

10 HIGH-IMPACT, LOW BUDGET IDEAS for marketing in a down economy
"Today, a good marketing idea has to be as inexpensive as it is clever," says Jonathan Kranz in Part 1 of his online article "10 High-Impact, Low Budget Ideas for Marketing in a Down Economy." There's real meat in this piece, including real-world examples of Kranz's strategies in action. Get the full story >

BENCHMARKING: a best-practice for improving marketing performance
PPA's 2005 financial survey of professional photography businesses--the first and only study of its kind--was a milestone in the industry, and an invaluable benchmark for independent studio owners (a new survey is in the works). It provides the instruments needed to measure every financial aspect of one's business, and the figures against which to evaluate them. Countless photographers reported having a luminous Aha! moment upon reading it. Well, Laura Patterson, president and cofounder of VisionEdge Marketing, Inc., invites marketers to experience an Aha! moment of their own, in "Benchmarking: A Best Practice for Improving Marketing Performance." No need dress for the occasion, just follow this link. Get the full story >

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