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Industry Insider: December 2008 Archives

December 2008 Archives

It's hard to believe, but Imaging USA is only 3 ½ weeks away and I'm happy to report that we will have Phoenix all polished and ready for both our exhibitors and our attendees. We've been watching our attendee numbers, and when compared to our four-week-out numbers from last year in Tampa (a record year!) we stand at about 90% of that figure--a telltale sign that photographers are hungrier than ever for information to succeed in an uncertain economy. We are also tracking the largest sold room block in our history which should still translate into many more attendees. Although with our current economy this may not be a record-setting year, we are excited to see that your customers are still making the education and business-building experience they receive from Imaging USA their top priority.

We have lots more planned for 2009 to offer the education and knowledge that photographers need to arm and protect themselves. As a not-for-profit, member-owned professional trade association, we are committed to the business health of our active 40,000 plus national, state and affiliate members. Already in play are our weekly Webinars; our Vital Signs e-mails; Imaging USA;; the OurPPA Forum; the 2009 Financial Benchmark study; a future business education tour, and much more. These tools are focused on real things photographers can do right now to help themselves.

As we reach our members with these programs, we have created some unique and focused ways for your companies to join us and help support the learning photographers will need next year. Here are some of our plans and your opportunities to reach the core of success-focused photographers, some of your best prospects and customers:

Webinars - a great lineup continues in 2009. Combine the live numbers with download traffic and pre-event marketing and this is going to be fantastic to sponsor when it becomes available.

OurPPA forum - almost 12,000 members; 185,000 posts; and 14,700 threads. It's healthy, growing and for the first time will have banners available.

Professional Photographer magazine will be available online in 2009. Yes, many magazines have a digital version, but ours offers some unique exclusives:

  • First, it's a new PPA member benefit and will be available to 25,000 of the most profitable, influential photographers in the industry - a claim that only we can make.
  • The digital Professional Photographer magazine will be treated the same as the original version in that the majority of our readership will be paid subscribers. Paid readership is more difficult and more expensive to maintain, but we know it delivers the best customers to you. That's why we continue to offer you the largest paid readership in the industry.

Our busy industry websites -,, and the OurPPA Forum,- have been growing for years and now for the first time, we will offer banners across all three of these outstanding sites. October was our first full month of independent audited metrics by Operative and we have a winner with nearly 150,000 unique visitors and 1.6 million advertising impressions. This is going to be online visibility you can't live without.

E-newsletter - For more than a year, the monthly e-newsletter has been building readership that now goes to over 55,000 photographers. The online world is fed up with unwanted messages (with most getting tossed as Spam) and that doesn't help you or us. By being selective, our readers actually read this newsletter and pass it along to other photographers every day. That makes it one of the most valuable in the industry.

My entire team is looking forward to meeting up with many of you at Imaging in January to find out how we can best serve you.

Travel safe and have a great holiday!

Scott Hersh
Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances

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