Preserve your family history with professional photography

An investment in professional photography means an investment in value, artistry and quality that will last a lifetime.

In today's market, it's tempting to skimp on professional family and child portraits. After all, everyone has a friend or family member with a fancy new camera who will throw together a shoot for next to nothing. But consider what you're getting. Are you getting technically flawless works of art that you will be proud to display in your home? Or are you getting a handful of hurried digital images that barely warrant a spot on your Facebook page?

There are snapshots to document snippets of your daily life, and then there are artistic portraits fit to represent your family for generations. Both have their place, but when it comes time to create those works of art, it's best to trust your family history to a pro.

Hear the difference Professional Family Portrature Makes

"A professional photographer can look at an image and immediately understand why it's not satisfactory, and then make adjustments to produce a good end product."

Jen Basford

3 Girls Photography

"I thought we'd get into the studio, see what we could get in a few minutes of shooting, and then they'd move on to the next person. But it was never like that—our photographer was willing to wait around and work extra to get great photographs. We never felt rushed."

Brandi Sparks

Professional Photography Client

"When you make an investment in photography, you want it to last a lifetime."

Jennifer Pater

Professional Photography Client


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