MNPPA Presents "Simply Great" with Khara Plicanic

May 5, 2014
Location: Cabelas, Rogers, MN
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Business, life, love... it's all pretty simple actually. So why do we insist on making it all so darn complicated? We've all heard that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, but how can that be applied to workflow?  What about business strategy? In this workshop, you'll see how less hassle, less stress, and less work clears the way for more freedom, more profit, and most importantly—more fun. If your workflow is out of control and your edit backlog is piled sky high, it's time for an intervention. (Imagine being able to edit an entire wedding—and design the album—in a single day, with plenty of time left to cook dinner!) We'll start by redefining "workflow" as we streamline everything from strategy to software. Toss some Adobe InDesign basics into the mix, and you'll be making wedding albums, pricing guides, contracts, and interactive PDFs, so quickly and easily, you might almost feel guilty. Almost.

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