Business Workshops

  • We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: PPA is the authority on business education for photographers. We have helped thousands of studios just like yours become more profitable and financially sound. Why not let us be your photography business guide, too? Take one of our business workshops, and we’ll create a plan of action to help you:

    • Increase sales

    • Keep more money

    • Take back your life

    Your studio will be assessed on an individual basis, so we can ensure you find just the workshop you need!

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  • Business Basics

    Whether you're just getting started or moving from part to full-time, this is the workshop for you. Business Basics is catered exclusively to PPA members  – the authority on business education. Our Instructors are not only talented photographers, but the brains behind very profitable studios. 

    In this intimate setting, you'll assess the competitive landscape and acquire those necessary, but often avoided, business skills. You'll learn the financial, tax and legal requirements of running your business, so that you are confident and legally compliant.

    You'll choose a business model that’s the best fit for your studio. Then you’ll evaluate your business strengths, customer needs, and market’s competitive dynamics to create your profitable pricing structure. 

    This strong foundation will be reinforced with data from PPA's Benchmark Survey Results by comparing your studio's numbers with industry averages and best performing studios. You will be empowered to make smarter business decisions for long-term success. And with proven marketing and promotional ideas, you'll have a complete photography business guide to bring clients to your door.

  • Business Breakthroughs

    If you're a PPA member with an established studio grossing at least $20,000 in annual sales, then the Business Breakthroughs workshop is designed just for you. (If you're not quite there yet, the Business Basics workshop can get you growing.)

    Three days of immersive instruction occur in locations across the country. You will focus on business and financial management, the how-to's of effective branding, targeting, and marketing, and techniques for maximizing sales. 

    PPA acknowledges the unique needs of your studio and our knowledgeable photography business guides will connect with you on an individual basis, on the phone and in-person. A phone session with a PPA accountant will result in a custom financial plan recommendation, and you’ll engage in an hour-long private consultation with a PPA mentor and accountant to scope your business and marketing strategy.

    It's your chance to address your most pressing issues and areas of concern, get questions answered, develop priorities, and identify actions to launch your business to the next level.

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