• Architectural Photography: Professional Office Space 1

    Randy Van Duinen , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    In this episode of PPAedu, Randy Van Duinen demonstrates how to capture architectural photography in an office setting. He shares the importance of adding lights and adjusting exposure to draw your attention to the picture. He also demonstrates how to use Photoshop to get the desired color temperature and clean up messy, unwanted areas in the image.
  • Architectural Photography: Real Estate Light Painting

    Randy Van Duinen , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    In this segment of architectural photography, Randy Van Duinen explains the creative technique of light painting. He demonstrates how to capture exterior twilight shots of real estate while highlighting multiple areas of a building using various lighting. He shares how to capture images with several different exposures and blend them in Photoshop to bring the light painting together.
  • Best Practices: Complying with Employment Law

    Andria Ryan
    Webinar: With almost everything in life, there is fine print—and that fine print can bite you before you know it! Employment law is no different. Being the boss is not just fun and games, after all; there are laws you need to know and understand so that your business runs smoothly and stays compliant.
  • Budgeting for Success

    Lindsay Betz
    Budgeting has wrongly earned a negative connotation, yet it's the essential tool every photographer and family needs to bring their dreams, goals, and values to life. Lindsay Betz will cover the "how" and "why" for budgeting and make it a simple, exciting (and even creative!) endeavor. This content is relevant for both the seasoned business owner with retail space and employees as well as for the solo photographer who wears all the hats. Budgeting in both your business and family creates sustainability and maximizes profitability. Learn why attention to your finances and intentionality need to be a focus for your photography business. My heart is for your business to do more than survive...budgeting holds the key to thriving
  • Business Challenge: Q&A with Greg Daniel

    Greg Daniel , M.Photog.Cr., CPP, F-ASP
    In this webinar, Greg Daniels answers questions and shares the valuable information he's learned running a successful photography business.
  • Business Challenge: Q&A with Jeff Dachowski

    Jeff Dachowski , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    PPAedu Business Challenge webinar in which Jeff Dachowski shares his years of professional expertise, moderated by Angela Kurkian.
  • Business Challenge: Q&A with Tim Walden

    Tim Walden , M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, F-ASP
  • Business Insurance: Are You Protected?

    Kristen Hartman , Member Value & Experience Director, PPA
    Video: Property & Casualty, Bailment Coverage, Worker’s Comp, General Liability, blah, blah, blah. However boring it may be, insurance is an important part of any business – even for an artist like yourself. If you’re not properly covered, everything you’ve worked for could be gone in a legal instant!
  • Challenges of the Home Studio

    Bridget Jackson , CPA, Manager, PPA Business Consultant
    Video: So you’ve got the home studio. You’re working in your PJs, watching TV during office hours, and can knock off any time you want, right? Wrong! As instructor Bridget Jackson will teach you, your home business is still just that: a business. So tune in to this quick class for 10 things that home studio owners need to remember.
  • Copyright Basics: What Every Professional Photographer Needs to Know

    Lindsey Forson , PPA's Manager of Government Affairs 
    Webinar: Lindsey Forson will cover the basics of photographic copyright. You will learn exactly what copyright means and what your rights are as a professional. Tips will be presented for how to protect your copyright and for what to do when infringements occur.
  • Creating a Marketing Calendar

    Todd Lewis
    Charles Lewis , M.Photog.Cr., A-ASP
    Thomas Morelli
    The way you market yourself and your business to clients could make or break your success. But for many photographers, cracking the code to effective marketing is difficult. Knowing who to reach, what to say, where to position it, and how to do it is critical. Joined with the industry’s leading photography business educators, Charles Lewis, M.Photog. Cr., A-ASP and Thomas Morelli, as they reveal exactly how to create a full year’s photography marketing calendar, complete with all the details. They will also show examples of the marketing calendars that resemble successful photography businesses. It’s all about knowing exactly what marketing to do, each month, so you have a steady stream of clients throughout the entire year. Never wonder again what marketing to do, what really works, and when to do it. By the end of this online event, you will be able to create your own marketing calendar for the rest of 2016, and all of 2017!
  • Creating a Project Plan

    Carrie Wildes , CPP
    Video: During this round-table educational class, you’ll learn how to take what you want to do to improve and grow your business and put it into a plan that will do exactly that. Step by step, Carrie will walk you through such a plan, how to complete a cost/benefit analysis, measure your success and more.
  • Creating a Successful Company Culture

    David Trust , Chief Executive Officer, PPA
    Video: Have you ever worked for a company you hated? Or a company you loved? Do you remember why? In this class, instructor David Trust (PPA’s very own CEO) teaches you how to create your own company culture so that your employees love to work for YOU!
  • Designing the Perfect Home Studio

    Carrie Wildes , CPP
    Video: Making a home studio doesn’t just involve slapping paint on the walls, setting up a desk, a computer and a power strip. It takes vision, planning and a little bit of capital. In this class, Instructor Carrie Wildes gives you the information and direction you need so you can create the perfect home studio . . . the first time.
  • Designing the Perfect Retail Studio

    Allison Rodgers , Cr.Photog., CPP
    Video: Learn, first-hand, how the design of a retail studio can enhance – or impede – your business! PPA Instructor Allison Rodgers walks you through her space, explaining step-by-step how and why each areas works the way it does.
  • Don't Be Scared of Money! Let's Talk Pricing

    Vanessa Joy , Cr. Photog. 
    Join Vanessa Joy on a webinar with PPA and learn exactly how to create photography packages and price them so you turn a profit. Even if you're not a wedding photographer, everything from the psychology of pricing and how to get your clients to spend more money and book your top packages, to the math behind calculating how much to charge so you're not losing money but making enough to sustain a business will be covered. This webinar deals specifically with wedding pricing and packaging, but the concepts taught can be applied to pretty much any cinema or photography business.
  • Drone Photography: Current FAA Regulations and What to Expect

    Lindsey Forson , PPA's Manager of Government Affairs 
    There is a lot of information out there about what is legal and what is not when it comes to drone photography. This webinar will separate fact from fiction concerning current regulations.
  • Email Best Practices: Power, Peril and Productivity

    Dr. Julie Miller
    Email has become the single most important communication vehicle in business today. In fact, last year American businesses sent 2.7 trillion emails. We are addicted to its speed and convenience, but has your business mastered the correct use of the tool? Setting standards on how to communicate via email will set your company apart from your competition. How? All messages and interactions from your employees will be top-notch and consistent with your company's brand. In this webinar, you will also learn: • Email Do's and Don'ts • How to create attention-getting subject lines • The three Ps to email protocol • What your greetings, closings, and signature blocks say about your company • Best practices of email etiquette • Productivity strategies to control the Inbox chaos
  • Essential Forms and Contracts for Professional Photographers

    Lindsey Forson , PPA's Manager of Government Affairs 
    Webinar: Join this webinar to learn more about the forms and contracts that are essential for any successful photography business. We will also present some general guidelines for creating and implementing your legal documents and explain how to access your contract resources from PPA.
  • Great Workflow Advice for a Portrait Team

    Mike Fulton , Cr.Photog.
    Video: If your business is doing well, a logical next step is expansion; but beware of the growing pains! Prepare your growth by putting structures and processed in place to seamlessly transition incorporate new team members and new opportunity, while maintaining the same level of excellence and service! In this class, Mike and Cody will share how they’ve put together their successful studio team and how they manage workflow.
  • Grow Your Business & Balance Your Life

    Michael Christman
    Webinar: Join Michael Christman as he discusses business, balance, and success. He will cover topics such as creating your vision, assessing the current reality, and plans for your business.
  • Health Insurance Reform: Before and After Implementation

    Ross Pallay
    Webinar: In the first in a three-part series on Health Insurance Reform, we’ll discuss the health insurance market before and after the implementation of Health Care Reform and how it will affect PPA members and their families.
  • Health Insurance Reform: Important Deadlines

    Ross Pallay
    Webinar: The last in a 3-part series, this webinar will recap the health insurance reform changes and remind members of deadlines to obtain health insurance to avoid tax penalties.
  • Health Insurance Reform: Plan Designs & Premium Subsidies

    Ross Pallay
    Webinar: In the second in a three-part series on Health Insurance Reform with Ross Pallay, executive vice president at Pallay Insurance Agency, we will discuss the insurance plan designs that will be available.
  • Ins & Outs of Copyright Law

    Maria Matthews , Copyright & Government Affairs Manager, PPA
    Video: When you first learned photography, you probably didn’t talk much about copyrights or any other legal mumbo-jumbo. But you’re a professional now, and copyrights are an important aspect of your business! So if you’re not a lawyer and you don’t even play one on TV, what exactly do you need to know? Copyright specialist Maria Matthews walks you through copyrights and what they mean to you.
  • Know the Difference: Contractors vs. Employees

    Andria Ryan
    Webinar: Contractors vs Employees – did you know that up to 15% of employees are misclassified? If you think it’s as simple as a paragraph in a job description, you could run into unpleasant words like “liability” and “unpaid taxes!” In this webinar, Andria Ryan tells you what you need to know so that you understand the classifications and various degrees of financial and behavioral control. Most importantly, this webinar enables you to make the right decisions for your studio.
  • Managing Employees to Maximize Success

    David Trust , Chief Executive Officer, PPA
    Video: You’ve got your own business; you’re the boss. Now what? Well, a good company has a good boss with loyal employees who love their jobs. So…how do you make sure all that happens? In this video class, PPA’s CEO David Trust teaches you how to manage employees so that everyone feels like part of a winning team and a successful business.
  • Managing a Team

    Carrie Wildes , CPP
    Video: Managing people can feel a lot like herding cats—everyone doing their own thing, no one working as a team, and no one listening to YOU, the owner! In this class, PPA instructor Carrie Wildes shares how to grow your photography team in a way that makes sense for you and your business.
  • Maximize Your Profits with In-Person Sales

    Andrew Funderburg
    Join the Founder of Fundy Software, Andrew "Fundy" Funderburg, as he walks you through how to significantly improve your workflow and maximize your studio profits conducting in-person sales. Design and sell wall art and albums with ease and flexibility, while also ensuring your clients walk away happy.
  • Reinventing Yourself - The Art of Staying Relevant & Profitable

    Joan Seamans
    This in webinar will reveal how to work with social media and stay on top no matter what your competition is doing by using social media to it's fullest. Benefit from the knowledge and experience Joan brings to those she teaches. Her open and honest approach is refreshing and you will leave with multiple tips to help you take your portrait business to the next level.
  • Retail Studios: Do You Lease or Buy?

    Bridget Jackson , CPA, Manager, PPA Business Consultant
    Video: In real estate, they say the most important thing is location, location, location. That may be true, but if you’re looking at getting a retail location for your studio, you also have to wrestle with the dilemma of “Lease or Buy.” What’s a photographer to do? Instructor Bridget Jackson explains how to do your research and what you need to consider to make the right decision for YOU.
  • Safety First: Photography Near Tracks and Trains

    Lindsey Forson , PPA's Manager of Government Affairs 
    Webinar: Explore how to keep photographers and their clients safe when train tracks are part of the desired shot. PPA partnered with Operation Lifesaver, Inc. to address this very popular topic among photographers and safety groups.
  • Secrets to Running a Studio in a Small (or no!) Space

    Marnie Clagett, CPP , CPP
    The idea that photographers need a retail studio in order to be truly successful is a myth. The reality is, it is entirely possible to grow your business right in your own home. Join Marnie Clagett as she shares with you the secrets to make your small space (or no space at all) a studio that will give your clients the confidence to invest in you and your work.
  • Steps to Starting a Business

    Bridget Jackson , CPA, Manager, PPA Business Consultant
    Video: So you want to own a studio? Then look no further: This class is for you! Instructor Bridget Jackson walks you through everything you need to know in a thorough, informative session. Who better to learn from than the manager of PPA’s Studio Management Services who has helped hundreds of photographers like you?
  • Studio Organization: Creating a Professional, Inviting Environment for Home and Retail Studios

    Carrie Wildes , CPP
    Webinar: You own a photography business. But does your studio have the professional atmosphere you need—whether it’s a room in your home or a separate retail space? The environment you create for your business plays quite a large role in both how customers perceive it and how you can successfully manage it. So, come learn how to create the perfect, professional atmosphere for you!
  • Studio Policies: Avoid Problems Before They Happen

    Julia Kelleher , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: Everyone’s been the victim of a customer service nightmare, a situation where the client experience was anything but satisfying. In this class, PPA Instructor Julia Kelleher teaches how to avoid these issues before they even happen. People don’t get ticked-off about the expected; it’s the surprises that throw them off. For that reason, Julia walks you through the studio policies you should have and how prior knowledge and explanation of these will prevent 99% of client situations from escalating.
  • Ten Tips for Protecting Your Copyright

    Lindsey Forson , PPA's Manager of Government Affairs 
    All professional photographers want to protect their photographs from copyright infringements. During this webinar, ten key tips for how you can protect your images are presented and explained. From educating your clients to registering your work, this webinar gives you the tools you need to make sure your photos are as safe as possible. By tuning in, you will also learn how to utilize your PPA resources to help you with copyright protection.
  • The Cost of Doing Business

    Gary Box , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Understanding your base cost is important to running a successful business. It's typically higher than people realize. You should have knowledge of what this cost is on a monthly, daily and even an hourly basis, as understanding this helps you set appropriate pricing and know what it takes to be profitable. Let us walk you through how to calculate your base cost.
  • Time in Your Day, Money in your Wallet

    Jeff Poole & Lori Unruh
    “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” –Thomas Edison Ever heard the expression, “Time is Money”? For creative entrepreneurs, our ability to create, and sell, is directly tied to the time we have for creation. However, too many photographers disregard or undervalue the time-cost of image and product creation. It’s why, at one point or another, we feel overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid. If you’ve felt like you’re still not making the profits you want, and yet you’re considering hiring an office assistant to help whittle down your to-do list, chances are you are neglecting a crucial equation in your business. Join Jeff and Lori Poole as they discuss how disregarding the time-cost involved in photography can lead decreased profits and the cause your business a slow painful death. Learn how to incorporate both your time-costs and hard costs to determine the retail price of your products and services. Once you can track your time costs, you can begin finding ways to streamline and innovate your workflow. You’ll find yourself with both more time AND more money, and increase your business capital all the way around.
  • To Partner or Not to Partner

    Jen Hillenga , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: In work, as in life, some things you do on your own; others, you do with a partner. Running a successful photography business is no different. If you stay in this industry long enough, sooner or later, you’ll reach the decision point: to partner or not to partner. In this course, PPA Instructor Jen Hillenga walks you through the why’s and how’s of handling this decision.
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