Post Capture

  • 5 Ways to Make Outsourcing Work

    Clay Eads
    Webinar: In part one of this two-part series on outsourcing, Clay Eads will provide an in-depth look at the process and benefits of outsourcing your post-production workflow.
  • Backup & Archive Procedures

    Jon Yoshinaga , Cr.Photog.
    Video: This course isn’t about how to wow your clients or use fancy tools to enhance your images. But, this information will allow you to sleep soundly at night! In a very simple and direct way, Instructor Jon Yoshinga walks you through how to successfully back up your files to prevent any type of loss. As Jon will tell you, backing up is simple—transfer to a disc, verify the disc and then transfer to your hard drive. But, in between all that, questions can arise.
  • Consistently Great Skin Using Adobe Camera RAW

    Adrian Henson , M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP
    Webinar: Ever have skin problems…with your photographs, we mean? Well, Adrian may not be a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, but he DOES know how to create great (and more importantly) consistent skin tones and more when you process your images.
  • Corel Painter: Brushes

    Helen Yancy , M.Photog.M.Artist.MEI.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, A-ASP, F-ASP
    Video: In this class, get up close and personal with Corel Painter brushes and learn how to master these tools to make your images pop! You’ll start with a basic understanding of how the program works, and then build your confidence and knowledge as you experiment with Painter’s capabilities. Play with all the brushes, learn how to use the Wacom tablet and pen and understand how to control the settings so you can shape and clone to your heart’s content.
  • Corel Painter: Creating a Custom Palette

    Helen Yancy , M.Photog.M.Artist.MEI.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, A-ASP, F-ASP
    Video: Helen first helps you understand all of your options within a custom palette – the differences between categories, variants and brush. Then, explore your different painting options – oil/low key on canvas, pastel using dry media, or watercolor on watercolor paper. Once you understand your options, you can vary between them all, based on what works best for each project.
  • Corel Painter: Getting Started

    Helen Yancy , M.Photog.M.Artist.MEI.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, A-ASP, F-ASP
    Video: You may have shied away from Corel Painter in the past, but this is your opportunity to learn it, love it and make it your own! Instructor Helen Yancy helps you with what is often the biggest hurdle – getting started! Working with the image of a flower, you’ll learn how to clone and save your files, as well as the correct mode in which to start your brush strokes.
  • Corel Painter: Intro to Painter

    Helen Yancy , M.Photog.M.Artist.MEI.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, A-ASP, F-ASP
    Video: In this class, Helen introduces you to the power of what Painter can do, as well as ways that you can broaden your style and creativity. Her easy-to-understand, step-by-step methods allow you to get over the fear of the unknown and embrace this artistic ability!
  • Corel Painter: Other Ways to Use Painter

    Helen Yancy , M.Photog.M.Artist.MEI.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, A-ASP, F-ASP
    Video: If you’ve been using Corel Painter or have already taken Helen Yancy’s courses, you may be wondering “what is as next?” Have we got the answer for you! In this course, Helen takes you beyond the traditional and introduces some creative, advanced ways to use this amazing software.
  • Corel Painter: Painting a Portrait, Part 1

    Helen Yancy , M.Photog.M.Artist.MEI.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, A-ASP, F-ASP
    Video: In Part 1 of this four-part series, Corel Painter expert Helen Yancy gets you started on this journey – you’ll learn how to prepare, clone and paint your image, creating new files and layers as you go. Helen shares her process for saving and labeling files so that version control is a snap, and you never compromise the original image.
  • Corel Painter: Painting a Portrait, Part 2

    Helen Yancy , M.Photog.M.Artist.MEI.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, A-ASP, F-ASP
    Video: Start off with the basics such as how to create, open or select an image and suggestions for setting up your workspace. Then, delve into more complex features like the best way to brush track and how to handles problems along the way. Finally, focus on the window of the soul, as Helen shares step-by-step instructions for painting the eyes of a portrait.
  • Corel Painter: Painting a Portrait, Part 3

    Helen Yancy , M.Photog.M.Artist.MEI.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, A-ASP, F-ASP
    Video: During this four-part series, you’ve learned Painter fundamentals; you’ve explored how to paint the eyes in a portrait. Now move onto your subjects’ radiant locks, their trailing tresses – it is time to tackle the hair!
  • Corel Painter: Painting a Portrait, Part 4

    Helen Yancy , M.Photog.M.Artist.MEI.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API, A-ASP, F-ASP
    Video: You’ve learned the basics of Corel Painter, explored how to work with faces and features, and examined the bells and whistles that make this program so amazing. Now, bring it all to a close as you learn the final, finishing touches for your portrait. Step by step, layer by layer, both literally and figuratively -- learn how to paint your portraits for masterpieces your clients will love. Corel Painter can take you there; Helen Yancy shows you the way!
  • Data Backup and File Organization

    Ron Nichols , M.Photog.Cr., API
    Video: Photographers are typically creative, passionate, and artistic—they’re not IT geeks! However, if you don’t know how to manage and organize your data, all your hard work and effort goes down the drain. In this course, PPA Instructor Ron Nichols teaches you a detailed, organized way to ensure your data goes and stays where you need it.
  • Demystifying Corel Painter

    Jane Conner-Ziser , Cr.Photog., API
    Webinar: Many people shy away from Painter because they think it's going to be difficult to learn – and the 30 brush categories that contain hundreds of different brush options seems overwhelming at first glance. Fear not! It's so fun and easy to use! Jane will show you how to experiment with the brushes and create a journal of the ones you can't wait to try out on your own work.
  • Elements of a Composite

    Richard Sturdevant , M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.
    Video: A composite is about bringing disconnected pieces together and connecting them. The finished image looks effortless, but a lot goes into the process. PPA instructor Richard Sturdevant shares his expertise as he guides you, step-by-step, through the elements of a composite.
  • Get the Best Prints Out of Your Lab

    Jon Yoshinaga , Cr.Photog.
    Video: When working with your lab, how do you make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck? In this class, PPA instructor Jon Yoshinga teaches you ways to ensure you’re submitting and receiving the best work that you and your lab can do! When you’re finished, you’ll know how to work with your lab as a partner rather than a vendor to create awesome images!
  • Great Workflow Advice for a Portrait Team

    Mike Fulton , Cr.Photog.
    Video: If your business is doing well, a logical next step is expansion; but beware of the growing pains! Prepare your growth by putting structures and processed in place to seamlessly transition incorporate new team members and new opportunity, while maintaining the same level of excellence and service! In this class, Mike and Cody will share how they’ve put together their successful studio team and how they manage workflow.
  • Image Manipulation: Know Your Limits

    Carl Caylor , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: Watch as Carl Caylor walks you through his steps to touch up a photo – learn the actions that Photoshop can do for you, and the layering processes involved. Equally as important, Carl shows you when enough is enough and how to avoid the technology trap of photography. But this class doesn’t just rely on Photoshop actions to make a great image. Carl emphasizes everything you need to do to get it right the first time, in camera!
  • Kick Lightroom into Hyper Speed: Maximizing Your Workflow and Efficiency

    Dave Doeppel , CPP
    Webinar: Join Adobe Certified Expert Dave Doeppel to learn all you need to know about Lightroom...and more! Dave will share techniques ranging from proper import and culling procedures to exporting and publishing services.
  • Layered Photoshop: Understanding Layers and Layer Masks

    Rob Behm , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Webinar: So many of today’s most popular Photoshop techniques and even third party Photoshop plug-ins require the basic knowledge of using the powerful Photoshop layer engine that is a staple of this popular software. Follow Rob Behm as he teaches you layers from the top down, and gives you the tools for success in the layers palette!
  • Lightroom Workflow That Works

    Dave Doeppel , CPP
    Webinar: Adobe Certified Expert Dave Doeppel takes you on a Lightroom adventure in this course designed to improve your workflow. Dave covers, backing up files, cataloging, culling, organization, smart collections, exporting and so much more.
  • Lightroom: Processing RAW Files

    Prem Mukherjee
    Video: Rather than tackling it all at once, Prem approaches Lightroom based on the types of images you’re working with. Watch as he shows you the tools and tricks as he discusses weddings, portraits and landscapes. Prem demonstrates the adjustments, cropping and other enhancements in a step-by-step fashion so you understand not just the “How” but the “Why!”
  • Managing Workflow in Lightroom

    Eddie Tapp , M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP, API
    Video: Lightroom™ puts so many tools at your fingertips, but the magic is less in the tools than in the process! In this class, watch and learn as PPA Instructor Eddie Tapp demonstrates his editing and retouching process. Eddie will show you his complete workflow from capture and downloading to editing and output. You’ll not only learn what tools to use but when and how to use them!
  • Photoshop Design Concepts: Tips & Tricks in Photoshop

    Jen Hillenga , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: Photoshop provides so many product options, but only if you know how to use them. In this class, PPA instructor and Photoshop guru Jen Hillenga zeros in on a popular design that is sure to be a crowd favorite—the Senior 5 x 7 Graduation Card. Join Jen to learn more about creating awesome collages, making a color block, and adding graphic design elements and texts for a polished final product.
  • Photoshop Interface: Fundamentals of Navigating Photoshop

    Rob Behm , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Webinar: Many Photoshop users learn this software by just installing it and clicking their way through trial and error. Join Rob Behm as he gives you a tour of the Photoshop layout and explains how the different elements work together. This basic knowledge can often result in time saving techniques and improving your workflow!
  • Photoshop Selections: Success with Selections 101

    Rob Behm , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Webinar: Making selections in Photoshop is fundamental to hundreds of image manipulations that photographers use today. Rob Behm will show you the way to success from basic to advanced selections in this interactive webinar.
  • Photoshop Techniques: Create Efficiencies to Save Time and Money

    Suzette Allen , Cr.Photog., CPP, API
    Video: Anyone can jump into Photoshop and start retouching and editing by trial and error, but Suzette shows how knowledge and preparation can make all the difference. Customizing shortcuts, setting preferences and managing workflow are just a few of the things you’ll learn that make you a Photoshop whiz—she’ll even explain how to set up your desktop and work area to maximize efficiency!
  • Photoshop Techniques: Creative Effects

    Suzette Allen , Cr.Photog., CPP, API
    Video: As an artist and a photographer, you’re probably pretty good with Photoshop. Well, to quote the 1970s band Bachman Turner Overdrive: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” In this video class, PPA instructor Suzette Allen will help you take your Photoshop techniques to a whole new level, enabling you to elevate your photography from pictures to art.
  • Photoshop Techniques: Newborn Composite

    Julia Kelleher , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: In this course, PPA instructor Julia Kelleher shares her expertise and experience, teaching you the Photoshop tricks you need to create a beautiful composite that will wow your clients! Discuss the poses you want to capture, the equipment you’ll need, and then how to blend, refine and layer for the perfect effects.
  • Photoshop Techniques: Retouching Portraits Part 1

    Suzette Allen , Cr.Photog., CPP, API
    Video: Presets, layers, cloning, healing… you can read your instruction manual, or better yet take this class and watch a professional photographer in action. Suzette will show you actual results and “aha” moments that a manual just can’t deliver!
  • Photoshop Techniques: Retouching Portraits Part 2

    Suzette Allen , Cr.Photog., CPP, API
    Video: As you probably already know, Adobe Photoshop has thousands of options that could take you years to learn and master. But Suzette simplifies the learning process by sharing what works best and what you need as a pro photographer. Building on the foundation from Part 1, you’ll dig deeper into layering (no pun intended) and more!
  • Photoshop Techniques: Retouching Portraits Part 3

    Suzette Allen , Cr.Photog., CPP, API
    Video: What do you know about “virtual dentistry?” How do you open someone’s eyes? Want to give a client that healthy glow? PPA Instructor Suzette Allen tells you how to do that (and much more) with Photoshop in this last video class of a three-part series.
  • Photoshop: Background Removal

    Richard Sturdevant , M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.
    Video: Why spend all day fiddling on the computer when you can get in and get out, and still have an image your client will love? In this concise and informative video class, Richard Sturdevant teaches you the tricks you need to know to easily and efficiently handle background removal in Photoshop.
  • Photoshop: Retouching for Beauty

    Jen Hillenga , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: PPA instructor Jen Hillenga teaches you how to enhance your subject's beauty, using some quick and easy Photoshop tricks. Drilling down into specific tools, Jen explores vignette creation and blemish removal, using the history brush, adding shadows to naturally enhance, and applying selective blurring techniques for extra effects.
  • Photoshop: Texture Overlays

    Jen Hillenga , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: In a quick and easy way, Jen explains the texture tool and shows how to add layer modes for various effects, flatten images and apply the snapshot feature. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is and the difference it can make in an image! Take advantage of Jen’s expertise in these 8 minutes, you won’t regret it!
  • Portrait Retouching: Making the Best Use of Your Time

    Clay Eads
    Webinar: In part two of this series on outsourcing, you’ll take a look at the time management strategies Clay uses in a portrait retouching workflow to stay focused, be efficient and keep images looking consistent.
  • Post-Capture: Textures Using Photoshop

    Michael Barton , M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP
    Webinar: Ready to unlock your creativity and discover a whole new level in your work? Join award-winning photographer Michael Barton to learn how he makes his signature "Indigo" portraits using finishing techniques driven by Adobe Photoshop. You will learn about texturing portraits in layers, other layer effects, and much more in a course designed for beginners and advanced users alike.
  • Post-Wedding Production Workflow

    Prem Mukherjee
    Video: Post-production is all about having a plan and Prem outlines every detail and aspect of his so that you can develop one that works for your studio. A systematic and organized approach ensures a) everything that needs to get done actually gets done and b) you deliver high quality and consistent client satisfaction. Learn the checklists, processes and systems involved to get from shoot to images to client delivery – expertly and efficiently.
  • Skin Retouching

    Joel Grimes , Cr.Photog.
    Video: With more and more advanced technology, the art of skin retouching has become extremely refined. In this class, PPA Instructor Joel Grimes provides very in-depth, detailed instruction that will raise your portraiture to a new level. Long gone are the days of over-retouching portraits. Yet with today’s fast pace of technology, it’s hard to stay current. This class is the perfect way to perfect your skills and stay ahead of the game!
  • Sports Composites That Sell

    Richard Sturdevant , M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.
    Webinar: Sports photography is just as competitive a field as all the rest. So if you want to make your images excel—in creativity AND sales—come listen to what Richard Sturdevant has to say. With him, you'll learn to create sport composites that will separate you from the competition and increase sales.
  • Sports Compositions for Efficient Production

    Richard Sturdevant , M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.
    Video: The art of photography doesn’t just happen in the field; it continues after you close the lens cap. In this information-packed course, PPA Instructor Richard Sturdevant teaches you how to take your post processing technique to the next level! Listen as Richard shares the production must-haves for sports photography—elements to create texture, or motion, depth or drama. You’ll learn how to incorporate text or even flames for customization that looks complicated but takes minutes!
  • Sports Compositions: Quick & Creative

    Richard Sturdevant , M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.
    Video: Football teams and cheer squads, individual shots and team photos—after a while, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all! So, what do you do to differentiate your products and stand out from the rest? PPA instructor Richard Sturdevant has the answers. Listen as he shares some simple but significant composition tips that will give your clients more options, more creativity and make your products pop!
  • The Making of an Illustrative Composite, Part 1

    Richard Sturdevant , M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.
    Video: The art of an illustrative composite isn’t just throwing things together; it’s knowing how to take the right pieces and combine them into something better, something greater than the parts. In this course, PPA Instructor Richard Sturdevant shares his expertise on making an illustrative composite, even including tips for competition pieces.
  • The Making of an Illustrative Composite, Part 2

    Richard Sturdevant , M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.
    Video: Now that you’ve covered the fundamentals of illustrative composites, it’s time to drill down to the details! PPA Instructor Richard Sturdevant walks you through the nuts and bolts of putting it all together. Discuss critical components like depth creation, color palettes, atmosphere, mood and 3-dimensionality of your composites. Go beyond what you see, and explore what it can be!
  • The Making of an Illustrative Composite, Part 3

    Richard Sturdevant , M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.
    Video: In the final course of this three-part series, Richard Sturdevant tells you how to bring it all together. Some things you'll cover include how to give your image the polishing touches, use more layers to detract from shadow areas, add layers to blend and enhance lighting, and what steps to take to finish the image.
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