• 6 Ways to Build Your Studio's Business Through Networking!

    Bruce Hudson , M.Photog.Cr.
    Josh Hudson
    Webinar: Bruce and Josh Hudson take networking seriously and use it as a major part of their studios marketing mix. Networking your business is both an art and science. Join them to learn 6 different strategies they use when networking and building their business.
  • Basic Portrait Marketing

    Lori Craft , Cr.Photog.
    Video: So you want to be a portrait photographer (or are just getting started)? This class will tell you everything you need to know to take your ambition to the streets and bring in the clients!
  • Best Practices for Social Networking

    Lindsay Adler
    Webinar: Today, marketing success is achieved not just through word of mouth, but also through "word of mouse." New media and social networking provide amazing tools to help photographers establish their reputations, reach new clients, and network with colleagues. These tools are some of the most effective marketing and lead-generating methods that exist today. But do you know how to take advantage of them?
  • Blogging For Photographers: WordPress Tips and Tricks to Improve SEO and Save Time

    Kira Derryberry , Cr.Photog., CPP
    Blogging, while sometimes tedious, can be one of the most powerful marketing tools for a photographer. Join Photographer and Web Designer, Kira Derryberry, CPP, Cr. for a free webinar just for PPA members. You’ll learn how to use your blog to drive traffic to your website by increasing your SEO while you write! After this course you will start thinking of your blog as less of a chore and more of the powerful asset that it can be!
  • Book More Weddings: Building Vendor Relationships to Drive Your Business

    Lara White
    Webinar: Wouldn't it be great to have a steady stream of client referrals coming your way? Tired of spending money on advertising methods that don't work? Do you wonder if networking events are a waste of time? Stop wondering and wishing…and come learn the secrets used by high-end studios to stay fully booked!
  • Charitable Marketing Strategies

    Lori Nordstrom , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: Whether your motivation is sowing good seeds, creating good Karma or developing good relationships, involvement in charitable organizations is good for the soul…and for your business. But before you over-commit your time and money, develop a plan. In good works, just like good business, there should be method to the madness!
  • Claim Your Niche: Nine Steps to a World-Class Business in Any Economy

    Dr. Lynda Falkenstein
    Webinar: Trying to figure out how to distinguish your business from the rest of the pack? Worried about the competition taking your market share? Wish people would think about your service first and price second? If any of these sound familiar, don't waste a second; watch this important webinar now.
  • Creating Your Social Media Plan

    John Pyle
    Webinar: So many social media platforms, avenues and channels are available to you right now. We understand that building a marketing plan and authentically connecting with your clients can be stressful and overwhelming. Instructor John Pyle will guide you through "making order out of the chaos" that is social media, including when, where, why and how to post to grow your brand and build engagement.
  • Creating a Brand Experience

    Angela Pointon
    Webinar: Branding is so much more than the look of your logo or the design of your pricing sheet. In fact, the most impactful and meaningful part of a photographer's brand is the experience they offer clients. When done right, a brand experience will reduce your marketing budget and increase the frequency of your client referrals.
  • Creating a Marketing Calendar

    Todd Lewis
    Charles Lewis , M.Photog.Cr., A-ASP
    Thomas Morelli
    The way you market yourself and your business to clients could make or break your success. But for many photographers, cracking the code to effective marketing is difficult. Knowing who to reach, what to say, where to position it, and how to do it is critical. Joined with the industry’s leading photography business educators, Charles Lewis, M.Photog. Cr., A-ASP and Thomas Morelli, as they reveal exactly how to create a full year’s photography marketing calendar, complete with all the details. They will also show examples of the marketing calendars that resemble successful photography businesses. It’s all about knowing exactly what marketing to do, each month, so you have a steady stream of clients throughout the entire year. Never wonder again what marketing to do, what really works, and when to do it. By the end of this online event, you will be able to create your own marketing calendar for the rest of 2016, and all of 2017!
  • Creating a Marketing Plan

    Jen Hillenga , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: “Plan your work and work your plan.” A pithy saying yet words to live by, especially when you’re running your own studio! In this course, instructors Jen Hillenga with Kate Cosentino give you a detailed process by which to do this. Rather than winging it, learn about some steps you can take to create a marketing plan that not only fits your business but will increase your business!
  • Creating and Maintaining Effective Vendor Relationships

    Ashley Scobey
    Webinar: Vendor relationships are complicated. Or are they simple? Actually, they're exactly what you make them, and they can be incredibly effective tools to an easier work life and a growing referral network of trusted friends. With 6 years of industry experience and vendor relationships-building under her belt, Ashley has heard thousands of stories of people building relationships the right way, and well-intentioned disasters that can really hurt a business. Tune in for her webinar where we will explore the purpose and power of industry vendor relationships.
  • Cultivating Repeat Clients with a Successful Baby's First Year Plan

    Olivia Grey Pritchard, CPP , CPP
    Bring in newborn clients and keep them coming back for four milestone sessions in their first year! Learn what ages/stages to shoot, how to shoot them, and how and when to incorporate family members for larger sales. Develop methods for communicating and setting expectations with clients, so they are blown away by your studio's quality and customer service. Finally, set your sales goals and learn what products to sell at each session to reach them, setting yourself up to be profitable every time you pick up your camera. If you are a newborn or family photographer, this webinar is packed with information to make you more successful and in demand in your market!
  • Drive Markets Rather Than Being Driven by Them

    Jeffrey Shaw , Cr.Photog.
    Video: Be inspired! In this 5-part series, PPA Instructor Jeff Shaw will explore characteristics of successful people. Jeff’s first video focuses on how to define and drive your market rather than letting the industry define or drive you. How do you do this? By being you! Jeff shares how to build a “client experience” that is unique YOU – your skills and areas of expertise.
  • Email Best Practices: Power, Peril and Productivity

    Dr. Julie Miller
    Email has become the single most important communication vehicle in business today. In fact, last year American businesses sent 2.7 trillion emails. We are addicted to its speed and convenience, but has your business mastered the correct use of the tool? Setting standards on how to communicate via email will set your company apart from your competition. How? All messages and interactions from your employees will be top-notch and consistent with your company's brand. In this webinar, you will also learn: • Email Do's and Don'ts • How to create attention-getting subject lines • The three Ps to email protocol • What your greetings, closings, and signature blocks say about your company • Best practices of email etiquette • Productivity strategies to control the Inbox chaos
  • Giving to Charity is Awesome! Why and How We Became a Charitable Business

    Trish Gilmore
    Webinar: Why get involved with charity? Who has the time? Get the how and the why with Mariah Ashley and Trish Gilmore, co-owners of Snap! Photography.
  • High School Seniors: Social Media Essentials

    Jen Basford , Cr.Photog.
    Video: Technology has changed how we communicate. We don’t call; we text. We don’t write letters or keep a diary; we email and blog. To look something up, we Google it, and we no longer ask people to call us; we friend them on Facebook. Social media is all the rage, and if you’re not doing it, you’d better believe that your target audience is! Learn how to join the social media mix so your business doesn’t get left behind, especially if you focus on seniors’ photography!
  • How (and Why) to Provide Great Customer Service

    Lori Craft , Cr.Photog.
    Video: Photography isn’t just about the photos; it’s about the people. After all, the client may not actually always be right, but they are ALWAYS the client. You’ve got to take care of them, and that’s what customer service is all about. But what IS top-notch customer service?
  • How To Be An Unforgettable Brand

    Teri Fode
    From the moment you first attract an ideal client all the way through to the sale and beyond, your brand must be unforgettable. Relationship building is the number one priority in creating an unforgettable brand. It starts with the first contact and basically, never ends. There are 5 major points to master if you want to be a brand that's irresistible. Join Teri Fode as she shares how to get these right so that you're on your way to standing out in your market place, no matter how crowded it is!
  • How To Create A Killer Marketing Plan

    Angela Pointon
    Making a marketing plan doesn’t have to be a daunting experience that you put off for months on end! In fact creating a killer plan and being motivated to actually execute marketing each week is easier than you think! You’ll learn: -The key elements of a killer marketing plan and why are they important. -How to build a tactical marketing plan you’ll actually follow -Tips and tricks for sticking to the marketing plan
  • How to Market Family Portraits

    Lori Craft , Cr.Photog.
    Video: Whether it’s a holiday card image, cute kids in pumpkin patches, or just an annual in-studio image as the family members grow, portraits are essential to most families. And in this class, you’ll learn marketing techniques that will help make you THE family photographer in your community.
  • How to Open New Markets for Your Photography

    Rosh Sillars
    To grow your business it is important to consider opening new markets. Rosh Sillars shares the process, concepts, technology and tools he uses to lead his team to open new markets for his photography company and marketing clients.
  • How to Turn Phone Calls & Email Inquiries into Booked Sessions 73% of the Time

    Todd Lewis
    Todd Lewis reveals his top secrets to getting people to call you, then turning them into booked sessions. This webinar will include role plays where you'll hear exactly how he does entire phone calls, from beginning to booking.
  • Intro to Branding 101: Branding for Photographers and Why It's Essential

    Beth Taubner
    Webinar: What does it mean to be a brand? How do companies, products and other photographers become brands? Why does it matter, anyway?
  • Managing Your Online Reputation

    Sarah Ackerman , Interactive Marketing Specialist
    Lindsey Forson , PPA's Manager of Government Affairs 
    Webinar: Join us for the webinar to hear 10 tips for using your online presence to boost your business and suggestions for how to best handle a negative online review. We will discuss several different aspects of managing your online reputation taking into account social, marketing and legal considerations.
  • Marketing Basics: What You Need To Know

    Andrea Taylor CPP , CPP
    All that talk about marketing… is that my logo? Is it my brochure? Is marketing my website? Learn and truly understand what marketing is! The difference between marketing, sales and branding. Get a good grasp of these concepts and how they work, so that you can create a successful marketing plan for your business. Because once you truly understand what is what, and how it all works, you will be able to make your own decisions about marketing for your business.
  • Marketing Strategies That Make You a Household Word

    Dr. Lynda Falkenstein
    Webinar: You're a great photographer, but things have changed so much in recent years, you are often confused about which marketing strategies can really benefit your business. The strategies you will learn in this information-packed program will get the right people calling you up, turn an invisible business into a household word, be practical and immediately usable, and help make your niche the only game in town.
  • Marketing for Maternity, Babies and Children

    Kay Eskridge , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: There’s an old saying that goes, “If Momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy.” Nothing could be truer when it comes to maternity and baby photography! That’s why, in this class, Kay Eskridge will walk you through marketing steps that make Momma a happy client and possibly a new marketing avenue. It’s all about focusing on the client’s comfort, desires and connections.
  • Marketing for Newborns

    Julia Kelleher , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: Whether you’ve been shooting newborn photography for years or you’re new to this segment, this class is sure to give your marketing strategy a boost. Join Julia as she discusses creative marketing strategies such as relationship building, events, promotions and vendor relationships.
  • Marketing for Seniors: Get Involved in the Community

    Jen Basford , Cr.Photog.
    Video: In this class, PPA Instructor Jen Basford discusses a powerful, but often overlooked, marketing tool: community involvement! So how much can community involvement really impact your business (especially if you’re a senior portrait photographer like Jen)? Well, she has the answer…
  • Marketing for Seniors: The Model Program

    Jen Basford , Cr.Photog.
    Video: Working with high school seniors is a one-time deal, right? Take their senior portraits, make their moms and dads happy and move on. Well, Jen Basford’s Senior Model Program and Fashion Show is an ingenious marketing idea that extends the “senior season” and your product offerings as well! Listen up as Jen shares her innovative techniques for marketing to high school seniors – via a fun, popular model program and fashion show!
  • Marketing for the Holidays: Cash in This Christmas

    Lori Nordstrom , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Webinar: Ever feel like you're working to make everyone else's holidays merry, while your own family time suffers? Learn about seasonal promotions and product ideas, and start to plan those promotions now! Lori will help you set deadlines and put a system in place for generating the extra income the holidays have to offer without sacrificing precious family time.
  • Marketing for the Up-and-Coming Wedding Studio

    Mary Fisk-Taylor , M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API
    Video: Some photographers assume a bride-to-be is a very easy, emotionally driven target customer – WRONG! A bride-to-be can be a very knowledgeable, discerning prospect, and if you don’t have a marketing game plan, she’ll eat you alive! After this class, you’ll know how to market to her, and if you’re already doing it, you’ll do it better!
  • Marketing to A-List Seniors

    Beth Forester , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Webinar: Teens are some of the biggest spenders in today's economy (and they are always searching for the best and most expensive brands to secure their social status). So, join Beth and learn how to attract these A-list clients and how to cater to their wants and desires.
  • PR 101 for Photographers: Old School Tactics for Present Day Success

    Jennifer Spengler
    Webinar: Ramping up for the launch of your new business, but have no advertising budget? Wonder what it would take to get YOUR story in print or on the evening news? Start with basic public relations tactics, excellent and affordable tools for photographers with BIG news.
  • Photographer's Email Response System: How To Turn 84% Of All Emails You Get Asking What You Charge Into BOOKED SESSIONS

    Charles Lewis , M.Photog.Cr., A-ASP
    Todd Lewis
    Webinar: You get an email like this: "Hi. I'm looking for a photographer to take pictures of my family. How much do you cost?" And then you never hear back. Doesn't that drive you crazy? Join Charles and Todd Lewis for this live webinar to learn their email response system and ensure that this almost never happens again. You’ll learn how to respond to any email and turn them into booked sessions, almost like magic.
  • Portraits: Partner Marketing for Success

    Kay Eskridge , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: To be successful, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel; just find a new way to use it! Instructor Kay Eskridge shows you how to do just that when it comes to marketing your portrait photography business. By the time you’re done, Kay gives you everything you need to create win-win marketing partnerships that translate into clients and sales. Just be sure to be prepared for those new clients (and Kay’s got you covered there, too)!
  • Promotions for Maternity, Babies and Children

    Lori Nordstrom , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: Lori Nordstrom will help you take your existing maternity and baby marketing to the next level for even more success! You'll learn that in this type of marketing you know best, you don't have to break the bank, and the devil is in the details! Join Lori and take your marketing education and idea bank up a notch.
  • Reinventing Yourself - The Art of Staying Relevant & Profitable

    Joan Seamans
    This in webinar will reveal how to work with social media and stay on top no matter what your competition is doing by using social media to it's fullest. Benefit from the knowledge and experience Joan brings to those she teaches. Her open and honest approach is refreshing and you will leave with multiple tips to help you take your portrait business to the next level.
  • SEO Series Part 1: The Pitfalls of SEO

    Brett Snyder
    Webinar: Have you ever wondered why your website doesn't show up in Google or Bing, even when you search for your own brand name? Have you been told it's time to "do SEO" but don't know where to start? Well don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer wealth of SEO information across the Web—start here!
  • SEO Series Part 2: Leveraging Local

    Brett Snyder
    Webinar: Photography is an industry where the search audience shows a preference for local vendors. As such, it is especially important for SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) to know how to harness local search to reach this audience that is actively seeking a photographer in their area.
  • SEO Series Part 5: Web Content for Photographers: What to Expect in 2014 and Beyond

    Brett Snyder
    Webinar: “Content” on the web used to simply mean words on the page. In 2013 and beyond, web content has evolved to refer to any written communication on your website that speaks on behalf of your brand. Web content must be engaging, must serve the needs of your audience, and must accurately reflect the brand voice.
  • Sports & Events: High School Sports

    Jeff Gump
    Video: Explore the concept of Media Day – a chance for you to showcase the products, the process and demonstrate why it’s the way to go. Discuss how to loop in local media; discover why the green screen and modern technologies result in better images and a better experience. Learn how to sell the positives of these new processes and create a winning Media Day experience.
  • Sports & Events: Marketing

    Jeff Gump
    Video: Learn how to market your services – how your playbook, local advertising, TV, community events and tradeshows are great ways to get your name and reputation out to your target audience. Jeff also shares specific ways to promote not just your products and services but also your professionalism and your customer service – key elements of your brand identity. Learn Jeff’s tried-and-true customer service tips which will put your studio ahead of the pack.
  • Studio Makeover: Creating Sustainable and Successful Marketing Strategies for Any Studio

    Mary Fisk-Taylor , M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API
    Webinar: Marketing is a crucial business component that requires a targeted approach to planning. Mary Fisk-Taylor understands the value of a focused marketing strategy that appeals to your ideal clients and will reach customers who can help you attain desired sales averages. After all, marketing is only a single slice of the business pie!
  • Studio Makeover: Social Media: How to Be Personal in Business

    Ashley Brooke
    Webinar: During this webinar, Ashley Brooke will share her tips and tricks for social media and branding, discovered in large part thanks to building a business from the ground up. She'll then discuss practical applications for these tips through the lens of two actual studios.
  • Take Charge of Your Brand

    Nadra Edgerley
    What message are you sending with the images that appear on your website and social media platforms? If you don't know, join me as I teach you how to clean up your message and hone your branding skills. Take charge of your brand, by taking charge of your images.
  • The Art and Business of Maternity and Newborn Photography

    Ana Brandt
    Webinar: The maternity and newborn photography industry is booming and it can be hard to sustain lucrative venue with such large competition.Have you ever considered marketing your business differently? Join Ana Brandt for this webinar and learn to tie your marketing and social media together to sustain a long lasting business when taking maternity and newborn photography.
  • The Beloved Family Pet: Successful Pet Promotions

    Lori Craft , Cr.Photog.
    Webinar: Who meets you at the door every day when you come home from a tough day? Who looks at you with adoration? Who snuggles up at your feet and covers you with kisses? Your beloved family pet! And with many pet owners being post- or pre-children (who consider their pet their new baby), it’s no wonder that pet photography has become a booming business for studios. It is a target market that defies the recession, so come learn to make the most of it!
  • The Branding Puzzle

    Allison Rodgers , Cr.Photog., CPP
    Video: Successfully branding your business can seem like a daunting task. Not sure where to begin? Start with this class, taught by former advertising agency insider Allison Rodgers. Allison shares why establishing the right brand is important—and you might be surprised at what she reveals.
  • The Secrets to Success at Bridal Shows

    Pete Wright , M.Photog.Cr.
    Webinar: Bridal shows...some photographers love them; many hate them. But Pete Wright says it mainly depends on how you approach the opportunity. He, for example, knows how to present himself and create an exhibit that pays off! Want to learn how to properly position and market yourself at those bridal shows, based on Pete's proven methods?
  • The Truth about Marketing

    Joel Grimes , Cr.Photog.
    Video: In this class, PPA Instructor Joel Grimes says what some people don’t want to hear. It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one else knows! Bottom line – marketing is an essential aspect of being a successful photographer. Though sales and business development may not be your strong suit, Joel tells you how – and why – to make it a part of your business.
  • The Tween Market

    Jen Basford , Cr.Photog.
    Video: Marketing your business is important, but do you know how to advertise yourself and your brand to specific age groups? Business, especially the photography business, is ALL about relationships! In this class, learn as PPA Instructor Jen Basford teaches you everything need to know about relationships and marketing to a sometimes overlooked segment – The Tween Market!
  • Ways to Make Money in Fashion Photography

    Maria Bernal , M.Photog.Cr.
    Webinar: Most people think that the only way to make money in fashion photography is through magazines, but that is not necessarily true. Join Maria to discuss how you can enjoy the rewards of fashion photography by stepping outside the magazine box.
  • Weddings: Partner Marketing for Success

    Mary Fisk-Taylor , M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API
    Video: There are so many ways to market your wedding business that it can be overwhelming, but you don’t need to go it alone! In this video class, Mary Fisk-Taylor shares important tips to help you create and cultivate vendor partnerships.
  • What Every Photographer Ought to Know About Being Different

    Angela Pointon
    Webinar: All marketers tell you that in order to succeed, you have to be different. But what does "different" really mean? Whether you call it your competitive differentiation point or your unique selling proposition, you know you've gotta have one. But how different does your business really need to be? And what sort of thing would make your business different in a way that's meaningful and significant enough to attract new clients?
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