• 3 Fabulous Ideas to Elevate Your Wedding Photography

    Elizabeth Homan , M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API
    Webinar: Elizabeth Homan will share with you the three MOST important ideas (spanning lighting, posing and albums) that will separate YOU from the sea of wedding photographers out there.
  • Advanced Lighting: Kicklights, Spots & Gels

    Tony Corbell , Cr.Photog., API
    Video: If you want to take your lighting knowledge to the next level, Advanced Lighting is for you. In this video, expert Tony Corbell shows you how to enhance what you’re doing and add extras for more creativity and, to put it simply, more WOW!
  • Available Light

    Hanson Fong , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: In this video, PPA Instructor and lighting expert Hanson Fong shares how to use available light – and the right poses – to create awesome images for that special wedding couple. You’ll cover both indoor and outdoor lighting setups, and what works best in each scenario. From shooting in open shade outdoors to low and high angle shoots inside, Hanson gives you the techniques that work every time.
  • Bombshell Boudoir: The Art of Making Every Woman Beautiful

    Jen Hillenga , M.Photog.Cr.
    Webinar: Jen Hillenga believes that EVERY woman—no matter what she looks like, no matter what size—deserves to feel gorgeous. That belief translates into her boudoir photography. When working with boudoir clients, it is vitally important that you, as a professional photographer, set the tone for the session and give every woman a safe place to be beautiful, sexy and fabulous.
  • Bridal Portraits in the Park

    Damon Tucci , Cr.Photog.
    Video: A beautiful park is an idyllic setting for an outdoor wedding, but this on location shoot can challenge the unexperienced wedding photographer. In this course, instructor Damon Tucci teaches you how to own the venue and create amazing shots, whatever the condition or distraction.
  • Bridal Portraits: Lighting on Location

    Damon Tucci , Cr.Photog.
    Video: Capturing a wedding is more than just the actual ceremony; it’s a collection of all the special moments that make the wedding day. In this course, wedding expert Damon Tucci teaches you how to successfully shoot those “before” shots that help tell your client’s story.
  • Commercial Photography: Concept to Creation

    Cris J. Duncan , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: Portrait photography is about real people, real emotions and real drama. Commercial photography is more about capturing products and breathing life into them to convey the desired message. In this class, Cris discusses how to start with an object and develop an entire creative concept around it. Learn how to create mood and drama and how all of this goes into the end result or image.
  • Commercial Photography: Lighting a Reflective Object

    Cris J. Duncan , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: If you’ve ever shot commercial photography, you understand the challenge of trying to light a reflective object – and still capture a great image. In this class, Cris Duncan shows you how to easily and effectively master this task. Cris not only teaches you how to master the lighting, he gives you a better perspective on what your client wants to see – how important the products and the shoot are to them, and how you not only capture the images they want but help convey their message through your work.
  • Creative Vision: Wireless TTL Flash

    Mike Fulton , Cr.Photog.
    Video: On the streets of Atlanta, Mike Fulton and Cody Clinton show you how to master the wireless TTL flash, and in doing so, give yourself more freedom and control during shoots. Filmed in Atlanta’s Little Five Points, this class is the epitome of hustle and bustle, as Cody interacts with the subjects and captures the images while Mike narrates the technical aspects of the shoot.
  • Environmental Lighting: The Basics

    Jamie Hayes , M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API
    Video: Shooting outdoors using natural light can be challenging—clouds, too much sun or a strong wind, and your moment is gone. In this class, PPA instructor Jamie Hayes gives you the fundamentals you need to successfully use natural light and make the most of your outdoor opportunities.
  • Fast, Exquisite, Perfect Color & Light...All In-Camera...Anywhere!

    Bry Cox , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Webinar: Imagine you come back from a shoot and load all of your images into Lightroom… Maybe the shoot was a mix of inside and outside locations featuring totally different lighting situations such as studio, flash… even natural lighting. Now imagine that these images load and immediately look amazing and ready for print. During this webinar, you'll learn Bry's secrets for getting natural color and perfect lighting in all of your shots.
  • Feel the Light

    Richard Sturdevant , M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.
    Video: Achieving the perfect light is about combining the science with the art. In this class, PPA Instructor Richard Sturdevant teaches you to blend technical expertise with talent to create drama, emotion and feeling in your images.
  • Fundamentals of Flash

    Steve Kozak , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: Great photography may look impulsive, subjective and purely creative, but any great art is based on fundamentals. This class gives you all the basics about flash that you need so that you can have greater control and creativity in your shoots – and make it look easy!
  • Gels Overview

    Tony Corbell , Cr.Photog., API
    Video: In this overview, lighting master Tony Corbell shares the magic of gel packs and briefly discusses how they can be used to enhance your photo sessions and create new, interesting effects for your clients. It’s an introduction to an easy, inexpensive “trade secret.”
  • Indoor Lighting: Balancing Ambient and Flash

    Jamie Hayes , M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API
    Video: Join Jamie Hayes as he shows you how to handle all sorts of indoor lighting with flair to create a great image. Jamie’s detailed class discusses mixed lighting, identifying the various sources and choosing your main light. When the class is over, you’ll feel confident mixing those lights indoors…an asset if you want professional results!
  • Lighting an Executive Portrait

    Cris J. Duncan , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: Cris Duncan teaches you how to light the perfect executive portrait, from connecting with the client and utilizing correct lighting techniques to creating test images and learning the best software to use for instant client viewing.
  • Lighting and Posing Women, Part 1

    Jen Hillenga , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: Try to find a woman who likes seeing herself in photos, and you understand your challenge as the photographer. In this class, PPA Instructor Jen Hillenga covers two main elements—posing and lighting—that will ensure your female clients fall in love with their photos!
  • Lighting and Posing Women, Part 2

    Jen Hillenga , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: In the first part of this two-part class, PPA Instructor Jen Hillenga went over high-level posing tricks. Now, get down to the details as she examines all the different poses you should include in your shoot so your female clients look stunning!
  • Lighting for Adults & Couples

    Tony Corbell , Cr.Photog., API
    Video: Lighting isn’t luck; it’s know-how and experience…especially when it comes to knowing what light works best in what situation. So how do you use it appropriately to set the mood for the best images of adults and couples? In this video, instructor Tony Corbell explains how knowing and using your tools are the keys to such lighting proficiency.
  • Lighting for Children

    Dennis Craft , M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API,F-ASP
    Video: Photographing children can be like herding cats, so the last thing you want to do is mess with your lighting during a shoot! Dennis explains exactly what to do so that you light your “little subjects” properly. He starts with the basics: The importance of a studio setup where everything is ready, child-safe and your attention is focused on the kids. Then, he’ll walk you through the tools that make the most of your different shoots, including for his low key and high key demos.
  • Lighting for Seniors

    Bry Cox , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: A senior portrait is a huge milestone for a young person – and sometimes even more so for the parents footing the bill! How do you deliver a result that will knock their socks off AND make Mom and Dad want to purchase? Instructor Bry Cox shows you the lighting techniques you need to ensure the portraits are a smash.
  • Lighting on Location for Seniors: Indoors

    Carl Caylor , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: On location in downtown Atlanta’s historic Georgian Terrace Hotel, Carl walks you through every moment of this senior session. You’ll watch and learn as Carl describes and demonstrates what he looks for in a location and why. Discover lighting techniques like metering and color balance that can make or break your portraits. Learn posing and composition tips that will let your capture the light and your subject in stunning images.
  • Lighting on Location for Seniors: Outdoors

    Carl Caylor , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: In this fun and fast-paced course, Carl walks you through a Senior shoot in an urban, outdoor setting. Learn how to find locations and settings that really pop. Discuss lighting patterns, composition and other technical aspects that will help you capture the best image in any situation. Discover posing techniques that will make clients look their best.
  • Lighting to Showcase Shapes: Maternity

    Tony Corbell , Cr.Photog., API
    Video: There are some shapes we want to hide in our portraits, but there are other shapes we want to highlight! In this class, PPA lighting expert Tony Corbell teaches you lighting techniques to enhance the images of your most shapely subjects: the new mothers-to-be!
  • Lighting with Strobes

    Doug Box , M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API
    Video: See for yourself how better light control can improve your photo shoots! Instructor Doug Box will help you understand the fundamentals of light theory. With this knowledge, you can better control your lighting to achieve the effect you need. Doug uses models, as well as before and after pictures, to demonstrate how to make light work exactly the way you want it for your most creative images.
  • Lighting: Portraits in the Home

    Dennis Craft , M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API,F-ASP
    Video: In-home portraiture is not only super convenient, but creates a very touching, personal image. Building on the client relationship with the client, Dennis shows how he interacts with his subjects – especially the kids – and how that interaction elicits the best poses, expressions and eventually, images. More than just a class on lighting, this course tells you how to shoot on location, even a client’s home, and own it!
  • On Location: Finding the Light

    Parker Pfister , Cr.Photog.
    Video: In the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Parker Pfister takes you through his creative process for on location lighting and the mechanics behind making it work. Watch and learn as Parker visualizes and then finds the light he needs at each location. Even better, find out to what to do when the light isn’t there! Parker’s mantra is “seeing past the obvious” and this video will inspire and instruct you to do just that!
  • On Location: Tricking the Light and Other Tangents

    Parker Pfister , Cr.Photog.
    Video: Once again, go on location with Parker Pfister to the awe-inspiring mountains of Asheville, N.C. Drawing on his motto of “seeing past the obvious,” Parker teaches you how to manage each shoot so that it yields what you want, not just what is there. You’ll walk away more technically skilled, as well as armed with fun, innovative ideas for capturing amazing (and sometimes unexpected) moments.
  • Posing & Lighting: Large or Extended Groups

    Drake Busath , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: It’s a photographer’s nightmare—30+ people ranging from great-grandma to newborns, sullen teens, toddlers running wild, adults complaining and sunlight fading. But after you take this video class on posing large groups, you might just find yourself handling this scenario with confidence and aplomb, creating portraits that will lead to great sales.
  • Practical Lighting Tips for Profit

    Cris J. Duncan , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Webinar: The webinar will focus on daylight, flash, strobe and ambient conditions and you will learn what you need to know about each to be able to deliver for your clients, every time. Learning and understanding the proper use of light will help you create images that you will be proud of and your clients will want to buy. You will learn valuable techniques to make your images different from your competitors. Gain the knowledge and understanding of what light, any light, will do in a given situation and then have the skills to manipulate it to your style! With this class you are guaranteed to leave with the knowledge and practical applications to make you a more efficient and profitable photographer.
  • Setting Yourself Up for Success: Youth Sports Photography

    Dave Stock
    Webinar: The growing youth sports photography field is full of great opportunities for the photographer who can consistently produce studio quality light during an efficiently run volume photo shoot. Dave Stock knows this firsthand, and he will share with you what has been working in his business.
  • Studio Lighting Basics

    Tony Corbell , Cr.Photog., API
    Video: In this class, lighting expert Tony Corbell gets back to basics with you. His discussion of lighting effects and light theory will help you achieve depth and drama in your photographs – all with some flips of a switch, a few position changes and some really cool equipment!
  • Studio Lighting Basics: Understanding Patterns of Light

    Tony Corbell , Cr.Photog., API
    Video: In his or her studio, a photographer can create numerous patterns and shapes with light. But can you? Could you do it better? Get on board with PPA lighting guru, Tony Corbell. In this class, he shows you how to make magic in the studio!
  • Studio Portrait Lighting: The Walden Recipe

    Tim Walden , M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, F-ASP
    Video: Known for his classic black-and-white images, Tim Walden is a master—and an artist—when it comes to lighting. Learn from an expert as he shows you what lights to use, how to place them and how to control each during a shoot. Coming to you from his Lexington, Kent. studio, Tim not only tells but shows you the lighting recipe he uses to produce his timeless photos.
  • The Art and Science of Lighting, Part 1

    Cris J. Duncan , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: Lighting is the one element that makes all aspects of photography possible. Your technique, your talent, your poses, your post-production – it’s all important but none of it creates the right results until you master lighting. In the first of a two-part series, Instructor and lighting guru Cris Duncan shares the science of lighting and how it combines with your artistic abilities to create the perfect images.
  • The Art and Science of Lighting, Part 2

    Cris J. Duncan , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: Drill down to the details as you discuss the 3 principals of light important in any circumstance. Understand the power of light and how to control it for the results you need. This final part of a 2-part series is detailed, informative, and immediately applicable to every photographer out there. Harness the power of lighting – a photographer’s most powerful tool – and use it to create impressive images!
  • The Art of Posing & Lighting Newborns

    Julia Kelleher , M.Photog.Cr., CPP
    Video: As a photographer, your littlest clients can be the most challenging. When photographing newborns, time is of the essence, as is comfort, safety and parent satisfaction! In this class, PPA instructor Julia Kelleher, teaches you posing techniques and tips for a smooth shoot and an end result that everyone will love.
  • The Basics: Reflectors

    Drake Busath , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: In this class,lighting guru Drake Busath gets back to basics with reflectors! Reflectors are a key to great lighting and a photographer’s best friend – but only if you know what you doing. This course gives you all the fundamentals you need to know about using these great tools!
  • Urban Bridal Portraits

    Damon Tucci , Cr.Photog.
    Video: In this video class, Damon Tucci teaches you how to capture the urban bride, using creative posing and lighting, yet still relying on the tried and true fundamentals of photography. You’ve shot the traditional – now learn how to break out of the norm and go bold!
  • Window Light

    Hanson Fong , M.Photog.Cr.
    Video: Window lighting can be one of your greatest tools in wedding photography, but only if you know what to do. In this video, Hanson Fong tells you what to use and how to use it for amazing images. From a review of what window light is to incorporating tools to help you manage the light, you'll leave this class with an understanding of how to incorporate this into your portraits.
  • Window Lighting

    Dennis Craft , M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API,F-ASP
    Video: In this class, Dennis shares his wisdom and expertise on window lighting and how to best use it in your photos! Discover the four basic patterns that you can create. Discuss how to move your subject – since you can’t move your window – so as to make the various patterns. Learn what qualities to look for in your lighting, such as “North light.”
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