Be a Little Weird...Build a Debt-Free Business

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    Lindsay Betz

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    This webinar will reveal the staggering amount of debt and stress under which the majority of businesses operate and provide practical steps to leave this norm and instead run your business on solid, financial ground. Lindsay Betz will share the story of launching her husband-wife studio and how they grew it debt-free and continue to run it with these principles, generating consistent six-figure earnings each year.

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      • Lindsay Betz

        Lindsay Betz and her husband, Jonathan, launched Jonathan Betz Photography in 2006, shortly after relocating from St. Louis to Colorado Springs. From its launch, they have grown their portrait & wedding business debt-free and have watched their dreams become reality. Photography is all they do, with Jon as the one behind the camera and Lindsay as the studio manager and "everything else" for the business. They are blessed to have turned a passion into a successful business that supports their family and provides quality photography matched with quality products to build legacy for the families they serve.

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