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    Carrie Wildes

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    Managing people can feel a lot like herding cats—everyone doing their own thing, no one working as a team, and no one listening to YOU, the owner! In this class, PPA instructor Carrie Wildes shares how to grow your photography team in a way that makes sense for you and your business.

    Here are just a few of the things you’ll explore:

    1. Should you grow your team? Your business is your baby; sharing the responsibilities, the risks and the reputation is not for everyone. Carrie helps you assess if you’re someone who wants to manage a team.
    2. Hiring the right people: It’s not as easy as it sounds. A great photographer or lighting expert may not make a great team member, so learn what and who to look for, per Carrie’s expert advice!
    3. Training: Even if you hired Ansel Adams, he would still need training on your individual business. Carrie gives you pearls of wisdom to ensure you’re investing the right stuff in the right people.

    You’ll also discuss some difficult questions: Should you outsource business? How do you motivate employees? What rewards should you use? But never fear! Carrie answers the tough questions in an easy, conversational way that will help you see what’s right for you.

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      • Carrie Wildes

        Carrie Wildes


        Carrie Wildes owns Carrie Wildes Photography (based in Tampa, Florida) and operates out of a custom home studio and second location in a shared commercial space. Their team includes six photographers, a studio manager, and graphic designer. You can find Carrie dodging traffic, leaning off ledges, and sometimes even braving the snow to get the money shot.  But this all didn’t start until she realized the gift she had while on a mission trip to the Philippines…where she fell in love with photography.  In 2007, she and her husband, David, left the frozen tundra of Chicago to start a new and warmer life in Tampa, Florida.  Carrie then decided to get off the corporate ladder and build one her own. She graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, is a scuba diver, doesn’t eat beef, and is a social media diva.

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