Book More Weddings: Building Vendor Relationships to Drive Your Business

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    Lara White

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    Wouldn't it be great to have a steady stream of client referrals coming your way? Tired of spending money on advertising methods that don't work? Do you wonder if networking events are a waste of time? Stop wondering and wishing…and come learn the secrets used by high-end studios to stay fully booked! This session is all about networking for results and building relationships with wedding vendors that lead to referrals for YOUR business. Connecting with planners, getting on venues' preferred photographer lists and cross-marketing will all be covered, so tune in and get ready to drive your business up.

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      • Lara White

        Lara White

        After 10 years of running a successful studio (Geoff White Photography) with her husband, Lara founded PhotoMint, a site dedicated to empowering photographers. Combining her love for all things business and marketing, she shares tips, strategies and advice with emerging and established professional photographers. Lara is the author of “Get Connected: Build Relationships to Drive Your Photography Business.”

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