Have Your Home Studio's Best Season Yet!

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    Tap into the benefits of having a home-based business this holiday season! Emily Potts, the owner of Emily Potts Photography, is proud to run the highest-end photography studio in her market area (and it’s a home studio). Two years ago, she had the opportunity to lease a beautiful retail space. Deciding instead to keep her business at home was one of the smartest things she did, and the years following were her most profitable yet. So, come learn how she did it—and how you can, too!

    You’ll learn the benefits of having a home studio and, more importantly, how to leverage those benefits to multiply your sales average and grow an even more loyal client base. If you're ready to end your year with an amazing holiday season, this is the online class for you!

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      • Emily Potts


        Emily Potts, CPP, is the owner of the boutique studio Emily Potts Photography. She is proud to run the highest-end photography studio in her market area from her home, and she is passionate about teaching other home-studio owners how to do the same. She is also the creator of and writer for the widely popular blog Moms With Cameras, a site for mothers who are professional photographers and really mean business.


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