Time in Your Day, Money in your Wallet

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    Jeff Poole & Lori Unruh

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    “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose.” –Thomas Edison 

    Ever heard the expression, “Time is Money”? For creative entrepreneurs, our ability to create, and sell, is directly tied to the time we have for creation. However, too many photographers disregard or undervalue the time-cost of image and product creation. It’s why, at one point or another, we feel overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid. If you’ve felt like you’re still not making the profits you want, and yet you’re considering hiring an office assistant to help whittle down your to-do list, chances are you are neglecting a crucial equation in your business. 

    Join Jeff and Lori Poole as they discuss how disregarding the time-cost involved in photography can lead decreased profits and the cause your business a slow painful death. Learn how to incorporate both your time-costs and hard costs to determine the retail price of your products and services. Once you can track your time costs, you can begin finding ways to streamline and innovate your workflow. You’ll find yourself with both more time AND more money, and increase your business capital all the way around.

      • Jeff Poole & Lori Unruh

        Jeff and Lori first met at a photography convention in 2007.  After years of friendship, they decided to combine their respective businesses and open a studio together.  On January 1, 2010, indigosilver studio was born in Wilmington, North Carolina!  Jeff and Lori specialize in boutique photography for the modern wedding couple.  True to their roots, they travel to conventions every year, learning from and teaching with the industry's best. Having grown their business with the help of conventions like ImagingUSA, they pay it forward with their labor of love, The Shoot Space.  The Shoot Space is a community-oriented studio for local photographers.  Not only do Jeff and Lori teach and speak, they also host other speaker workshops.  Online, The Shoot Space offers contracts, templates, workflow, and other digital goodies designed to help photographers grow their businesses.  Find out more at theshootpsace.com.

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