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Andrew "Fundy" Funderburg – photography expert and industry visionary – has a passion for people, capturing emotions and telling their stories through print. He is the creator of the Fundy Design Suite software platform and the founder of Fundy Software. The Fundy Suite has transformed countless photography businesses and facilitated the production of millions of photo stories worldwide. The software design tools are simple and efficient for the busy photographer looking to capture the emotions of the moment and lay out the story of their clients with albums and wall art. Fundy continues to lead innovation and personally inspire photographers worldwide with his stories and a common sense approach to photo layout and the art of storytelling.Fundy speaks four languages, holds a BA degree in English Literature from the University of Oregon, was a former Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Moldova, an Iron Chef Photographer in Japan, and has traveled the outer reaches of the planet preaching about the power for printed photography.

Andrew's Courses

  • In Person Sales: Q&A with Andrew Funderberg

    Instructors: Andrew Funderburg
    In this “flipped classroom” webinar, Andrew will be answering questions about the importance of printing and in-person sales and how to run a successful sales session that both you and your clients will enjoy.
  • Increase Portrait Wall Art Sales

    Instructors: Andrew Funderburg
    Learn how to have larger wall art sales by putting client and product first and letting your photography take the back seat. In this webinar you'll learn how to ask clients what they want to see in their home and in their loved ones and learn how to use The Fundy Suite to present and sell wall art to each and every portrait client. You'll also learn how to add portrait albums for the easy add on product. Sponsored by Fundy.
  • Maximize Your Profits with In-Person Sales

    Instructors: Andrew Funderburg
    Join the Founder of Fundy Software, Andrew "Fundy" Funderburg, as he walks you through how to significantly improve your workflow and maximize your studio profits conducting in-person sales. Design and sell wall art and albums with ease and flexibility, while also ensuring your clients walk away happy.
  • Same Day Sales Sessions

    Instructors: Andrew Funderburg
    Learn how to make more money and impress your clients with same day sales sessions. Design and sales mentor, Andrew "Fundy" Funderburg, will walk you through how to design albums and wall art, and fully retouch photos in just 15 minutes so you can easily run same day sales sessions with your clients. He'll show you how even waiting one day will lose you money. Sponsored by FUNDY.
  • Strategic Pricing for Album and Wall Art Sales

    Instructors: Andrew Funderburg
    Learn not only how to price profitably as per PPA Benchmark studies, learn how to price your albums, wall art and more strategically so they are easier to sell. At the and of this webinar, you'll have a pricing blueprint for sales as well as examples of wall art designs that really move.
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