Rosh Sillars

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Rosh Sillars is a commercial, advertising, magazine and corporate photographer.

Sillars contributes regularly to local, regional and national media. He has photographed for numerous fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, design and marketing firms. Rosh is known for being easy to work, his flexibility and creativity on a deadline. His team will help make your vision a reality.

He is owner of the creative photography representation firm, The Rosh Group, Inc. The firm represents commercial photographers and creative talent to the corporate, media and advertising communities. He is the host of and travels nationally and internationally sharing social media and internet marketing ideas for photographers and creative professionals. Rosh also serves as a creative consultant and collaborator on numerous corporate, communications, and marketing projects. Sillars home photography studio is Octane photographic in Ferndale MI.

Rosh also serves as the photography instructor at University of Detroit Mercy. Rosh also a past president of the American Society of Media Photographers – Michigan Chapter. He also owns the Detroit based marketing firm Image 3 Marketing.

Rosh has photographed presidents, pro and amateur athletes, pop stars and local heroes through his 20 plus year professional career. He has earned numerous awards and accolades for his photography.

Rosh's Courses

  • How Much Should I Charge For Commercial Photography?

    Instructors: Rosh Sillars
    Pricing photography is hard. Where should you start? When you have so much competition the temptation is to lower your prices. Unfortunately, you may not stay in business very long. Rosh Sillars shares insights and ideas to help you develop a photography pricing system.
  • How to Open New Markets for Your Photography

    Instructors: Rosh Sillars
    To grow your business it is important to consider opening new markets. Rosh Sillars shares the process, concepts, technology and tools he uses to lead his team to open new markets for his photography company and marketing clients.
  • What to do When Your Photography Business is Slow

    Instructors: Rosh Sillars
    We all have slow times in our photography business. What can you do to help get your business going again? Are there things you should be doing? Rosh Sillars shares ideas to help you get back on track.
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