Lindsey Forson

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PPA's Manager of Government Affairs 

Lindsey Forson is PPA's Manager of Government Affairs. She works alongside our CEO to fight for the rights of professional photographers on Capitol Hill and to keep PPA members informed on the issues that affect your businesses. Lindsey helps PPA advocate for stronger copyright protection, improved drone regulations, and other small-business issues affecting the industry.

Lindsey is a graduate of the Masters of Public Administration program at Auburn University and has a B.A. in Communication. In her role at PPA, she combines her passions for governmental affairs and for the communication arts as an advocate for professional photographers.

Lindsey's Courses

  • Copyright Basics: What Every Professional Photographer Needs to Know

    Instructors: Lindsey Forson
    Webinar: Lindsey Forson will cover the basics of photographic copyright. You will learn exactly what copyright means and what your rights are as a professional. Tips will be presented for how to protect your copyright and for what to do when infringements occur.
  • Drone Photography: Current FAA Regulations and What to Expect

    Instructors: Lindsey Forson
    There is a lot of information out there about what is legal and what is not when it comes to drone photography. This webinar will separate fact from fiction concerning current regulations.
  • Essential Forms and Contracts for Professional Photographers

    Instructors: Lindsey Forson
    Webinar: Join this webinar to learn more about the forms and contracts that are essential for any successful photography business. We will also present some general guidelines for creating and implementing your legal documents and explain how to access your contract resources from PPA.
  • Managing Your Online Reputation

    Instructors: Sarah Ackerman, Lindsey Forson
    Webinar: Join us for the webinar to hear 10 tips for using your online presence to boost your business and suggestions for how to best handle a negative online review. We will discuss several different aspects of managing your online reputation taking into account social, marketing and legal considerations.
  • Safety First: Photography Near Tracks and Trains

    Instructors: Lindsey Forson
    Webinar: Explore how to keep photographers and their clients safe when train tracks are part of the desired shot. PPA partnered with Operation Lifesaver, Inc. to address this very popular topic among photographers and safety groups.
  • Ten Tips for Protecting Your Copyright

    Instructors: Lindsey Forson
    All professional photographers want to protect their photographs from copyright infringements. During this webinar, ten key tips for how you can protect your images are presented and explained. From educating your clients to registering your work, this webinar gives you the tools you need to make sure your photos are as safe as possible. By tuning in, you will also learn how to utilize your PPA resources to help you with copyright protection.
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