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For over 25 years, Jeff has been sharing his experiences and educating fellow photographers throughout the country. As one of the leading sport and event photographers around, Jeff’s had the opportunity to shoot for the NFL, PGA Tour as well as many other pro sports. However, even with all his professional clients, Jeff’s passion has always been for the high school and youth sports, as well as corporate and social events.

Jeff has a gift for marketing and never misses an opportunity to share the importance of this business skill – for without marketing strategies and plans, life as a photographer would be bleak. Jeff loves to share his experience and expertise, both in photography and business; it’s no wonder groups like PPA, SPAA, PMA as well as state and regional associations call on Jeff to share his marketing magic throughout the industry.

Jeff's Courses

  • Business Plan for Volume Photographers.

    Instructors: Jeff Gump
    Are you flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to your business? Do you set goals and keep track of them? Do you forecast yearly?Most photographers don't. If you're in the volume business, specifically youth sports, let Jeff help you get on the track. Without goals and accountability you will never succeed.Take an hour out of your week and sit in on this must-see program.
  • Sports & Events: High School Sports

    Instructors: Jeff Gump
    Video: Explore the concept of Media Day – a chance for you to showcase the products, the process and demonstrate why it’s the way to go. Discuss how to loop in local media; discover why the green screen and modern technologies result in better images and a better experience. Learn how to sell the positives of these new processes and create a winning Media Day experience.
  • Sports & Events: Marketing

    Instructors: Jeff Gump
    Video: Learn how to market your services – how your playbook, local advertising, TV, community events and tradeshows are great ways to get your name and reputation out to your target audience. Jeff also shares specific ways to promote not just your products and services but also your professionalism and your customer service – key elements of your brand identity. Learn Jeff’s tried-and-true customer service tips which will put your studio ahead of the pack.
  • Sports & Events: On Location

    Instructors: Jeff Gump
    Video: Learn the essentials of on-location photography for sports & events. From creating designated player/parent areas to building a professional workspace on location, Jeff will help you learn the ins and outs of the business.
  • Sports & Events: Pricing

    Instructors: Jeff Gump
    Video: The world of sports photography may not be rocket science, but without the right business acumen and sales savviness, you probably won’t succeed. In this class, PPA Instructor Jeff Gump walks you through the strategy of pricing, helps you ask and answer the important questions that can help make – or break– a sports photography studio.
  • Sports & Events: Setup for Team Photos

    Instructors: Jeff Gump
    Video: Learn Jeff’s 5 Golden Rules of sports photography. If you glean nothing else, these alone can change how you do business. Next, establish the supply checklist for what you will need – everything from products and tables, pennants and pop-up tents. Yes, pop-up tents! Learn how to create a professional yet dazzling display. Develop a checklist so that no battery, light, tripod or extension cord goes unmentioned. Finally, learn the “miscellaneous” list that only an expert like Jeff knows.
  • Sports & Events: Workflow

    Instructors: Jeff Gump
    Video: With sports photography, what happens after the shoot can be just as critical as the images you take. In this detailed, informative class, PPA Instructor Jeff Gump shares the workflow secrets that are sure to score points, each and every time!
  • Sports & Events: Wow Products That Sell

    Instructors: Jeff Gump
    Video: From tailgating chairs to personalized jerseys, customized footballs, basketballs and more, discuss innovative products that parents and kids will love. Discover how to enhance your photos with team records and individual stats that appeal to the player in all of us. Jeff Gump shares what to do and even better, how to do it! You’ll not only explore the creative concepts but even learn the vendors and suppliers with whom to partner.
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