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Seattle area native Bruce Hudson has led a colorful life. As a professional musician and educator he had the opportunity to play with such greats as Bob Hope and Seattle's own Kenny G, left teaching and opened his first studio in 1982 with his late wife Sue. Today, as a nationally recognized professional, he's photographed presidents, governors, many celebrities and sports stars. Bruce has spoken on behalf of leading industry vendors. Bruce has been featured in industry magazines such as Rangefinder and Professional Photographer magazine. He also received the PPA National Award in 2000. He recently received the prestigious Helen Yancy Award, which is only given out every few years to individuals that have dedicated their life to the education of photography. 

Bruce's Courses

  • 6 Ways to Build Your Studio's Business Through Networking!

    Instructors: Bruce Hudson, Josh Hudson
    Webinar: Bruce and Josh Hudson take networking seriously and use it as a major part of their studios marketing mix. Networking your business is both an art and science. Join them to learn 6 different strategies they use when networking and building their business.
  • Legacy: Bruce Hudson

    Instructors: Bruce Hudson
    To understand where the photographic industry is today, it’s important to look at our history. The industry has been molded and shaped by countless photographic artists and industry leaders who rewrote the definition of professional photography and motivated thousands of photographers to “Be More”. The Legacy Project is not only a look at our heritage as professional photographers, it also honors those who have given so much of their heart, soul and time to PPA and inspired an entire generation of professional photographers. Hear, in their own words, as these men and women share their insight on the world of the photographic arts, and how their involvement in PPA influenced their own business and the future of professional photography.
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