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Ashley and Graham Scobey held hands for the first time when they were twelve. He had a blonde bowl cut and she was wearing argyle knee-highs. Eighteen years later, they still like holding hands, but they've left the bad hair and tall socks behind. As the husband and wife team behind Scobey Photography, theyhave received awards such as Junebug's Best of the Best, PDN Top Knots, and Showit's Image of the Year. 

Ashley's Courses

  • Creating and Maintaining Effective Vendor Relationships

    Instructors: Ashley Scobey
    Webinar: Vendor relationships are complicated. Or are they simple? Actually, they're exactly what you make them, and they can be incredibly effective tools to an easier work life and a growing referral network of trusted friends. With 6 years of industry experience and vendor relationships-building under her belt, Ashley has heard thousands of stories of people building relationships the right way, and well-intentioned disasters that can really hurt a business. Tune in for her webinar where we will explore the purpose and power of industry vendor relationships.
  • The Wedding Day Timeline

    Instructors: Ashley Scobey
    Webinar: In this class we will talk about how to set your clients’ expectations, provide them with professional timeline advice to influence your clients’ wedding timelines and walk through several different “ideal” day of wedding timelines. Ashley will also talk about how to win back time in a super crunched schedule and how to maintain timeline control when things go bananas.With these things in your professional arsenal, you should never have to face a restrictive, unrealistic timeline again!
  • What Keeps You From Pursuing Your Dreams? Identifying and Overcoming the Obstacles to Our Goals

    Instructors: Ashley Scobey
    Webinar: You are a dreamer. So how do we feed our dreams? More importantly, how do we identify the things that keep up from pursuing those dreams? How do we overcome the dreaming obstacle-course that each of us face on a daily basis?
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