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Kristin and her husband Paul opened their wedding and portrait studio in 2008. A year later they decided to sell their home, sell their second car and move their family of three into a garage apartment so they could continue pursuing their dream. Within just a few years, they’ve experienced incredible growth and have more than quadrupled their income. Kristin claims that their success is because of amazing mentors they have in their lives, while also crediting much of it to a specific selling strategy they have created. With a background in sales, Kristin has adapted what she has learned from the corporate world into a system of soft selling techniques that have proven to have intense financial results. Learn this system of specific phrases and techniques that can work for any photographer, even those who claim to dislike selling!

Kristin's Courses

  • Soft Selling with Intense Results Part 1: Soft Sales Systems for Weddings

    Instructors: Kristin Privette
    Webinar: Kristin's first webinar in a 4-part series focuses on their Soft Sales System for Weddings which explains the 10-step process Kristin and Paul use to gain five-figure wedding sales. Hear the language they use, the specific steps they take their couples through, and selling techniques that anyone can learn and be comfortable using.
  • Soft Selling with Intense Results Part 2: 7 P's of Portrait Selling

    Instructors: Kristin Privette
    Webinar: In this second segment of the "Soft Selling with Intense Results" series, Kristin Privette will share her 7 P's of portrait selling. Learn how to start selling from the very first time you speak with a potential client in a way that excites them and prepares them for a big purchase. This simple process has proven to give her averages higher than where her wedding prices once started.
  • Soft Selling with Intense Results Part 3: Your Arsenal of Answers & Increases

    Instructors: Kristin Privette
    Webinar: The third webinar in the "Soft Selling with Intense Results" series, Your Arsenal of Answers & Increases, will walk you through the specific phrases Kristin and Paul use to encourage upgrades, wall collections, add-ons and big investments. Learn how to prepare your brides from the very beginning to upgrade after the wedding. Hear the language you can use to guide your portrait clients toward wall collections and future sessions. She'll also share how they handle the common objections that every photographer gets.
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