Sarah Smith

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Kent and Sarah have created a beautifully balanced studio in the Columbus, Ohio area. Their senior and family business is something most photographers only dream of. They have continued to thrive in this ever-changing market. Kent and Sarah have earned degrees and won numerous awards, but their love of people continues to grow and show through in their work. Sarah recently became the Vice President of Corporate Photographic Development for Lifetouch Inc. and is a member of Cameracraftsman of America.

Sarah's Courses

  • Creating a Final Delivery Experience

    Instructors: Sarah Smith
    Video: No one does the client experience quite like Sarah Smith, and in this video, she shows you a final delivery unlike anyone else’s. Watch on location as Sarah takes you to her studio. See the space, presentation and special finishing touches that Sarah puts on every client’s final delivery appointment. You’ll understand the thought process behind her product delivery and how it all goes toward creating sales and inspiring future sessions.
  • The Initial Greeting

    Instructors: Sarah Smith
    Video: You never get a second chance to make a first impression—and if you follow what Sarah Smith does, you won’t ever need one! In this video, PPA Instructor Sarah Smith shares the customer service skills that make her unforgettable in the eyes of her clients. Learn how attention to even the smallest details can make a difference.
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