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Angela is an expert in creating businesses that clients glide toward like magnets. She spent seven proud years as the Chief Operating Officer of a rapidly growing marketing agency and worked with over 250 multi-million dollar businesses helping them create a steady flow of leads. While there she was one of the first people to ever be trained on HubSpot’s groundbreaking inbound marketing software, and the agency later went on to win the elite spot as HubSpot’s only Diamond agency partner. Before that, she worked in marketing departments at other agencies while schlepping to graduate school at night for her MBA with a concentration in Marketing. When she’s not busy working one-on-one with entrepreneurs, she’s either speaking somewhere, running online courses, or writing her next book aimed at helping people be better at business, creativity, and marketing. Visit to learn more.

Angela's Courses

  • Creating a Brand Experience

    Instructors: Angela Pointon
    Webinar: Branding is so much more than the look of your logo or the design of your pricing sheet. In fact, the most impactful and meaningful part of a photographer's brand is the experience they offer clients. When done right, a brand experience will reduce your marketing budget and increase the frequency of your client referrals.
  • How To Create A Killer Marketing Plan

    Instructors: Angela Pointon
    Making a marketing plan doesn’t have to be a daunting experience that you put off for months on end! In fact creating a killer plan and being motivated to actually execute marketing each week is easier than you think! You’ll learn: -The key elements of a killer marketing plan and why are they important. -How to build a tactical marketing plan you’ll actually follow -Tips and tricks for sticking to the marketing plan
  • What Every Photographer Ought to Know About Being Different

    Instructors: Angela Pointon
    Webinar: All marketers tell you that in order to succeed, you have to be different. But what does "different" really mean? Whether you call it your competitive differentiation point or your unique selling proposition, you know you've gotta have one. But how different does your business really need to be? And what sort of thing would make your business different in a way that's meaningful and significant enough to attract new clients?
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