Angela Pointon

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Angela Pointon is the founder of Angela Pointon Photography and Hand Select Your Clients, which offers advice and inspiring motivation for photography business owners. Angela's weekly e-newsletter is packed with advice for photographers, and you can subscribe for free. In addition, she has authored multiple books for photographers, is a monthly columnist for Professional Photographer Magazine, blogs at Hand Select Your Clients and posts to Facebook, G+, Pinterest and Twitter.

Angela's Courses

  • Create a Killer 2014 Marketing Plan

    Instructors: Angela Pointon
    Webinar: Do you have a great studio but need a little help marketing yourself? Join Pennsylvania photographer and marketing expert, Angela Pointon, as she walks you through how to set up a marketing plan for your business.
  • Creating a Brand Experience

    Instructors: Angela Pointon
    Webinar: Branding is so much more than the look of your logo or the design of your pricing sheet. In fact, the most impactful and meaningful part of a photographer's brand is the experience they offer clients. When done right, a brand experience will reduce your marketing budget and increase the frequency of your client referrals.
  • What Every Photographer Ought to Know About Being Different

    Instructors: Angela Pointon
    Webinar: All marketers tell you that in order to succeed, you have to be different. But what does "different" really mean? Whether you call it your competitive differentiation point or your unique selling proposition, you know you've gotta have one. But how different does your business really need to be? And what sort of thing would make your business different in a way that's meaningful and significant enough to attract new clients?
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