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M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Portrait Photographer Julia Kelleher specializes in newborn and family portraits out of her boutique Bend OR, studio. She offers her clients a photographic style that is timeless, textural and artistic, and specializes in newborn and family portraiture, specifically focusing on relationship images. Since moving her studio Jewel Images Portrait Design from Portland, OR to Bend, OR in 2009, it has grown from running her entire business solely, to now operating with 2 employees and thriving despite a slow economy. Julia has earned a PPA International Silver Medalist, Gold Level Photographer of the Year and several Kodak Gallery and PPA Loan Collection awards for her images. She is also a PPA Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman. Picking up her first 35mm film camera at age 14, she put it down after college to pursue a love of broadcast journalism, and spent over a decade traveling the country anchoring the news and covering general assignment stories for all three television networks. After working Portland, OR's ABC affiliate for 6 years as an on-air anchor/reporter, she left television news to pursue photography full-time. Her experience with the news industry, and expertise in media relations and public communications have given her the speaking skills to and communication techniques to help other photographers understand their clients, and improve their businesses.

Julia's teaching experience stretches worldwide for Time Exposure's ProSelect software, and she also is featured as one of a handful of instructors for the world renowned professional photographer’s video series Photovision. Also an Imaging USA and PPA affiliate school instructor, Julia excels at topics from lighting and posing newborn relationship portraiture, to marketing, in-person sales and media relations. She coaches photographers is client workflow and business systems management, and offers private mentoring in both newborn photography and sales training.

Julia's Courses

  • 5 P's of In-Person Sales

    Instructors: Julia Kelleher
    Video: Whether you can sell ice to Eskimos or still get nervous with each new prospect, this class is for you! In this succinct yet sales savvy course, PPA instructor, Julia Kelleher, condenses everything you need to know into 5 easy steps: planning, products, projection, pricing & policies.
  • Babies: Swaddling, Safety and Hygiene

    Instructors: Julia Kelleher
    Video: If any of your business focuses on newborn photography, this course is a must-have! PPA instructor, Julia Kelleher, combines Parenthood 101 with trade secrets to ensure a client experience sure to please Mom, Dad and Baby! Discuss infant psychology and the importance of safety, security and warmth. Examine posing, and how to put the parents at ease while keeping baby content. Learn the points of contact that create the best images and how to make them happen.
  • Designing a Newborn Image

    Instructors: Julia Kelleher
    Video: There are a million photographers out there, doing newborn photography. Newborn photography is striking and emotional, but there are techniques and tools you can use to enhance the beauty of the moment. In this video, PPA Instructor Julia Kelleher teaches you how to step out of the box and create newborn images that will allow you to stand out from the rest.
  • Marketing for Newborns

    Instructors: Julia Kelleher
    Video: Whether you’ve been shooting newborn photography for years or you’re new to this segment, this class is sure to give your marketing strategy a boost. Join Julia as she discusses creative marketing strategies such as relationship building, events, promotions and vendor relationships.
  • Photoshop Techniques: Newborn Composite

    Instructors: Julia Kelleher
    Video: In this course, PPA instructor Julia Kelleher shares her expertise and experience, teaching you the Photoshop tricks you need to create a beautiful composite that will wow your clients! Discuss the poses you want to capture, the equipment you’ll need, and then how to blend, refine and layer for the perfect effects.
  • Products & Packaging for Newborns

    Instructors: Julia Kelleher
    Video: Description coming soon!
  • Studio Policies: Avoid Problems Before They Happen

    Instructors: Julia Kelleher
    Video: Everyone’s been the victim of a customer service nightmare, a situation where the client experience was anything but satisfying. In this class, PPA Instructor Julia Kelleher teaches how to avoid these issues before they even happen. People don’t get ticked-off about the expected; it’s the surprises that throw them off. For that reason, Julia walks you through the studio policies you should have and how prior knowledge and explanation of these will prevent 99% of client situations from escalating.
  • The Art of Posing & Lighting Newborns

    Instructors: Julia Kelleher
    Video: As a photographer, your littlest clients can be the most challenging. When photographing newborns, time is of the essence, as is comfort, safety and parent satisfaction! In this class, PPA instructor Julia Kelleher, teaches you posing techniques and tips for a smooth shoot and an end result that everyone will love.
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