Allison Rodgers

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Cr.Photog., CPP

Before opening a photography studio, Allison, armed with a BFA in Graphic Design and Photography, worked for several nationally recognized advertising agencies. She garnered multiple design and photography awards and was published in PRINT magazine, a prestigious design magazine. 

In 2004, Allison and her husband Jeff, also a graphic designer, opened Allison Rodgers Photography (their work was featured on the April 2008 cover of Professional Photographer). They have doubled their sales each year and are regarded as one of the most profitable studios in the U.S., due to their design skills, marketing strategies, and client relationships. In addition, they are active in charity-based projects, enhancing the commitment to their community and customer base.

Allison's Courses

  • Designing the Perfect Retail Studio

    Instructors: Allison Rodgers
    Video: Learn, first-hand, how the design of a retail studio can enhance – or impede – your business! PPA Instructor Allison Rodgers walks you through her space, explaining step-by-step how and why each areas works the way it does.
  • Price List Design

    Instructors: Allison Rodgers
    Video: In this class, PPA Instructor Allison Rodgers offers practical tips to help you create a price list that will sell your services! As a former graphic designer, Allison shares what works, and what doesn’t, in a photographer’s price list. Learn how to showcase what you sell with a well-designed price list, so that potential clients will feel comfortable with your studio and know what to expect.
  • The Branding Puzzle

    Instructors: Allison Rodgers
    Video: Successfully branding your business can seem like a daunting task. Not sure where to begin? Start with this class, taught by former advertising agency insider Allison Rodgers. Allison shares why establishing the right brand is important—and you might be surprised at what she reveals.
  • The Creative Thought Process

    Instructors: Allison Rodgers, Jeff Rodgers
    Video: If you think creativity is born, not made, think again! The creative process is just that, a process, and it takes time and effort. In this course, PPA Instructors Allison and Jeff Rodgers walk you through ways to get your imagination, inspiration and ingenuity flowing!
  • The Portrait Consultation

    Instructors: Allison Rodgers
    Video: Consultations are critical, for both you and your client. A good consultation will allow you to set expectations. However, it’s also the start of your sales process, so it’s worth taking seriously! Watch and learn how valuable a portrait consultation can be to both you and your clients.
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