Jon Yoshinaga

Instructor Head Shot


Starting in high school, Jon quickly saw the need to generate an income to support his ever growing photo hobby. Working as an assistant for a couple of local photographers, he eventually started shooting weddings on his own and with additional schooling, joined the photographic staff of an import company shooting for their catalog. 

Having been in the photographic industry as a photographer and lab tech for over 30 years, Jon is currently assisting his wife, Suzette Allen, as the tech-head in her studio keeping the computers running and always looking for a faster, better cheaper way to do everything. As the assistant and trouble shooter in Suzette's classes, Jon keeps the pace of the class flowing by fixing computer problems and helping the lost find their way back.

Jon's Courses

  • Backup & Archive Procedures

    Instructors: Jon Yoshinaga
    Video: This course isn’t about how to wow your clients or use fancy tools to enhance your images. But, this information will allow you to sleep soundly at night! In a very simple and direct way, Instructor Jon Yoshinga walks you through how to successfully back up your files to prevent any type of loss. As Jon will tell you, backing up is simple—transfer to a disc, verify the disc and then transfer to your hard drive. But, in between all that, questions can arise.
  • Get the Best Prints Out of Your Lab

    Instructors: Jon Yoshinaga
    Video: When working with your lab, how do you make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck? In this class, PPA instructor Jon Yoshinga teaches you ways to ensure you’re submitting and receiving the best work that you and your lab can do! When you’re finished, you’ll know how to work with your lab as a partner rather than a vendor to create awesome images!
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