Carrie Viohl

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A wife and mother of two, Carrie lives and works in Moultrie, GA. She goes into Studio Viohl every day, excited to capture and provide beautiful, heirloom-quality images for families. In Carrie’s mind, we might all be gone 150 years from now, but our images will remain as one of the most personal, intimate traces of our history. She is inspired by the stories people tell her about their families and friends, and she loves to capture that special “thing” that makes a person unique. In her studio, she is joined by an amazing and creative team—Phil, Renee, Rachel and Haley—who all work hard to keep everything running smoothly. In an area where “super traditional” studio photography and moms-with-cameras reign, Carrie's work stands out as edgy, earthy and uniquely artful. She is obsessed with creative lighting and capturing that elusive something in the children that she works with. When it comes to the art, marketing and technique of photography, Carrie is your girl. 

Carrie's Courses

  • Create Your Signature Style & Reap the Rewards

    Instructors: Carrie Viohl
    Webinar: If your work looks like everybody else's, your main selling point is price. But if you can find your own style, your clients will want to work with you because of YOU. As our creative industry becomes increasingly homogenized, the way to stand out is to develop and maintain your own signature style. Of course, that’s easy to say, but how do you take the next step?
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